DJ Suss One & DJ L – Full Clip

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Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BAT MAN and ROBIN. You might be too young to remember the old school BAT MAN. It was before my time too, but I had cable, so I caught it in syndication. If you remember the song, you know they didn’t say shit about ROBIN, but I needed two characters to make the review work, so role with me. I heard all kinds of rumors about DJ L and SUSS ONE not working together and as L kept his stride, SUSS ONE kind of fell back. He dropped a joint here and there, but L stayed on the grind. I recently found out that SUSS was busy working on his radio show. That won’t keep the streets from flapping gums, but it’s good to see the duo ridding together again.

Using the PREMO beats for the “FULL CLIP INTRO” was a thorough jump off. If anything can be considered “real Hip Hop”, PREMO is it! I’m not a FREEWAY fan; because dudes voice can get monotonous (that’s why he’ll never move units dolo). “REP YOUR CLICK” featuring the signature LIL JON chant on the chorus was “head butt a truck” music. REMY MARTIN can’t sell yeast to a bakery, but “FUCKIN HIM” is sure to have some silly bitches singing along! I thought the remix to “TOUCH THE SKY” was mediocre. I know dudes are saying, “Didn’t you say that the LOX had to get on something with a tight chorus?” That’s correct, but I said it was mediocre, not trash. I liked the in and out word play. They need to do more of that, but the overall result wasn’t crazy. I just expected more and obviously so did everyone else or it wouldn’t have continued to show up after the 5th track on DJ’s releases.

How many old R&B joints can LL sample and have someone singing on the hook? MARY J couldn’t save “FAVORITE FLAVOR” if she got ARETHA, LAURYN and the HARLEM BOYS CHOIR to sing the hook! People are probably going to push “I LOVE MY BITCH” so much that you can’t avoid it in the hood, but the trash is trash! “YOU SHOULD LEAVE” should have been that official NEW YORK banger, but BUSTA didn’t do justice to the “PUNKS JUMP UP TO GET BEAT DOWN” instrumental. If you don’t know that track, stop reading, go to your favorite file sharing program and down load it!

There aren’t too many new joints on here, but there tends to be a lot more scratching when L and SUSS combine. The track selection could be better.