DJ SWB – The Godfathers

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Ahhh shit, SWB drops another one. This is that don shit too, that classic video blend music. I wish I had TVs up in my ride just to bump some SWB DVDs. I’m not one to floss but fuck that, his DVDs should come pre-packaged with DVD players for peoples rides. Biggie, Jay Z and Nas…that shit just rolls off the tongue. I like this concept for the simple fact that some of the original beats to these songs were fluff, so I’m interested to see what SWB does to them. Give me two minutes I’m about to roll up this haze and we’ll get into the mix.

Let me just say SWB put in some serious work on that intro. The shit had this regal vibe too it, like we really about to see and hear some royalty. I’m not gonna really speak on too many videos cause for the most part if you’re a hip hop fan you’ve seen ’em so it really comes down to how SWB flips them. The thing I like the most is that SWB keeps shit moving quickly, video after video right up side your head. The quality is crazy, some of the joints in the past got a little fuzzy but the quality on here is straight like six o’clock. The other thing that stands out is the transitions or for that matter the editing. The transitions are def crisp and the way SWB finds ways to intertwine all three MCs on various tracks through different verses is a credit to his skill in doing this shit. It’s also good to see joints like “Where I’m From”, “Can’t Knock The Hustle” and “Who You Wit” with Nas and Jay Z trading verses. The shit that truley got me open tho was “Made U Look” over “Duel Of The Iron Mikes”…crazy, and that shit flows into and “What We Do” effortlessly and then back to Nas’ joint. Then SWB flips “Nas Is Like” over “Shadowboxing”…see what I’m saying? I can’t ever remember seeing the video for “The World Is Yours”, that shit was cool as fan. As far as the Biggie joints, I was diggin’ how SWB flipped “Big Poppa” and “Juicy”. To end the highlights, I’ve heard “One Love” blended with hundreds of beats but “Ni99as Bleed” was a great look.

I was def diggin’ the “features” section too; highlighting some MCs on the come up and their videos. As far as the bonus joints…that old Jay Z interview was classic. It’s cool to see how cats were before they really blew up…plus the lava lamp on Jay’s desk is priceless. Hahahaha. Regardless, SWB is consistently pushin’ quality product on the video blend side. Cats are setting trends man, you got to give them props for pushing the boundaries of this shit.