DJ Swindle – EM-J : Marshall Meets Michael

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I like when blend DJs are really putting thought into their projects. It shows to me that the art will continue on in the right direction. As far as mash up’s go Swindle has had some unique projects over the last year or so. What I like about this project just from looking at the track list is that you can see pop rap being blended with classic pop MJ tracks. Then if you breaking down even further to hear some of Em’s lyrics over those wholesome MJ beats is the crazy. There like polar opposites yet given Mikes woes it fits in some twisted, mashed up way.

“Without Me vs. Wanna Be Starting Something” sets the CD off lovely. Considering that MJ track is a dance classic it makes “Without Me” even more pop than it already was. Some how picturing MJs video with him dancing all glittered out and with Eminem spitting lines like “bum on your lips” you just have to laugh at the irony of it all. The same can def be said for “My Name Is vs. I Want You Back”. Eminem spits “cause I hung my original self from the top bunk with a belt” all the while the bouncy feel good Jackson Five classic plays behind it. “Just Lose It vs. Billie Jean”, I mean come on they fit like a white studded glove. I was open on the highway to this shit and I despise that Eminem song. My two favorite blends are back to back. “The Way I Am vs.The Lady In My Life” is beyond creative the way Swindles chopped that sample and flipped the beat when the hook drops and then brings it back kinda mellow on the rhyme. Most people should know “P.Y.T” but Swindle found a way to speed that shit up, loop it and compliment the bounce in “Forgot About Dre “. I had to rewind this joint and hit the fast lane, lord forbid if I ever get pulled over. The cop would be like “what the fuck are you listening to, you sick fuck”. Lol. “Toy Soldiers vs.Maybe Tomorrow” is the sleeper track. If you’re a fan of old samples and you know the original track then you know how Swindle flipped it and he captures the vibe of EMs vocals with precision.

I’m loving the creativity, props to Swindle for pushing the envelope of creative mixtapes. I will say that if you’re a true blend mixtape fan as well as a big Eminem fan you need this for the collection. At 10 tracks it’s def short but the work the DJ put in is the equivalent of 10-15 exclusive CDs. Really the only beef I have with the project is the transitions; there are none, just air. The project is set up like an album which is cool but blend mixtape wise cats need that one-ness of the CD. If you’re looking for block music go else where. This is Pop music, it’s creative, it’s mashed up and it’s a bangin’ CD.