DJ Teknikz & DJ Diggz – Byrds Fly South

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Both Teknikz and Diggz gotta be saying “It’s about to be a real good year” mixtape wise. Street Executives meets Gutta Music and the outcome is what?……piff-tacular. A-Mafia is hosting so you know he bout to have that hard white music on the CD like no other. Truth be told outta the Dipset cats A-Mafia might be the hardest out next to Hell Rell. Those two on a track is like a double homicide.

A-Mafia aka “Legal Beagle”, that shit had me rolling. See that’s what all these other hosts lack on mixtapes now, a fucking personality. If I’m a mixtape DJ I’m hunting down A-Mafia to the end of the earth to host my next joint. Not only can he rhyme like he was born to do it he brings that realness just in talking on the CD. “What You Waiting For” by Hell Rell is an anthem for cats, if you haven’t heard this it’s just more incentive to cop the CD, I’m not saying any more. I thought JR Writer and Hell Rell on a track was hard, shit .40 Cal and A-Mafia doing the dame thing too on “Who I Be Wit”. God damn if that hook doesn’t have cats amped up. “64 Chevy” got the illest beat people and A-Mafia lyrically catches a body on it too. Is it just me or did the production on JR Writer’s album suck? Take “What Set U Claim” that rhyme is crazy but the beat is just lacking. The sleeper track of the CD hands down is Bezzel with that freestyle. That shit was three minutes of just raw rhyming back to back to back, non stop. I thought Bezzel was gonna bust a vein in his head rhyming like that. I’m starting to become more and more of a Max B fan. I’m not big on the harmonizing but his hooks got me open a little something, especially the hook on “I Just Wanna”, that shit is catchy like lice from a crack head.

Truth be told I wanna see Teknikz and Diggz collaborate on more projects. I mean both those cats flat out just play good music, they both get new music and they do what the fuck they want to with it. At the end of the day it’s all about the mixtape people. If you can play this shit over and over and then come back to it a year later and the shit is still bangin’; that’s what it’s all about. Not many DJs are anticipated as these two, I know cause cats hit me up on the regular like “when is Diggz dropping next?”, “what is Teknikz dropping next?” Shit, I gotta wait and see like the next man. I wonder what their both dropping next? Hmmm.