DJ Teknikz – Georgia Power

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What a title. I mean so simple but so effective. T.I. and Jeezy, grand hustle and CTE both got a strangle hold on the game. Teknikz slowly taking over too, can’t sleep on him people. He’s hungry and he def looking to take your food but you ain’t hear that from me. If I was a betting man my money would be on Yola The Great from Grand Hustle and Slick Pulla from CTE.

Like I said in another review, “Cashflow” is a hit with Eve doing here thing along side T.I. On some group type shit USDA got it locked between the two camps. “Gangsta Shyt” is cracks in the concrete while “Ya Dig” got its anthem appeal. Yola on “Get You Some Money ” is like finding a bag on money on the side of the road. His hook game is one of the best out, I don’t give a fuck just listen to it and he rides the beat like he’s floating in the ocean with it. Some of the punch lines were a little suspect, “go change ya shirt/ ya smelling real musty”, ehhh but the ad libs made up for that. Can you say hit song? On the low Mac Boney is killing this mixtape with joints like “Work” and Get it Up”. Best song on the CD? Slick Pulla with “Breathe Easy “. He destroys this track with ease like he taking a walk in the park smoking an L. Young Dro is a bonified star for Grand Hustle with that lazy flow, “Dip Slide” is no exception.

This is a power move of a mixtape. This is that shit that makes people take notice and it’s about time. I’m not gonna hype Teknikz up like that either cause it’s quality product every time. Nuff said and on that note I’ll just let the mixtape speak for itself.