DJ Teknikz & Gorilla Zoe – Joog Music

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“DJ Teknikz mixtape master mind”…when you hear that shit on a mixtape you already know what it’s about. You mutha fuckas can’t eat, cats on their mixtape Debo shit. Me personally I already know that this joint is gonna be better than Gorilla Zoe’s latest album, that’s just how it goes and if I know Teknikz he’s gonna make it that way regardless. Now according to Gorilla Zoe “joog” is turning nothing into something; like finding that $5 dollar rock on the ground and turning it into a kilo with some hard work. If you can’t understand that you might as well stop reading right now and go pick you up a High School High soundtrack or some shit.

I’m expecting a few anthems on here because to me that’s Zoe’s greatest strength as an MC, along with making hooks and over all flow. That into was a little boring to me. Block on the phone…zzzzzz, nuff said get with the MUSIC! Flow wise, “Rumble In The Jungle” is the shit, 49 seconds in and he switches gears on most MCs in the game. Teknikz is right..”Waddle” is a hit. Him and Gucci man trading bars getting bitches amped the fuck up. Anthem wise…it’s gotta be “Lets Go”. The flow is so basic but its effective and that hook gets stuck in your head. “Call Me” is a little formulaic for my tastes, cats doing a certain type of record…I’m not mad at it. On some true school mixtape shit tho, “Got That Weight” is exactly what the project needed and at the right time too. Zoe got a sing-song flow working but the shit is fly, classic 1:55 worth of mixtape music. “Block Boys” was cool too and Teknikz cutting shit up did nothing but make it sound better. “Right & Wrong” has Zoe getting introspective a little, thats some shit that was lacking on his album but it’s good to hear right about now. I could say the same thing about “Dreams” too. The way he rides this beat screams MIC VET! This might be my favorite track of the whole CD. “Two 23” and “Got Swag” are classic Gorilla Zoe hooks; infectious voice over some simple knocking beats.

Teknikz set the bar extremely high with the Jody Breeze joint he did last year. This project right here comes close tho. I think it highlights Gorilla Zoe’s MIC abilities more so than his album did. Cats think it’s all catchy hooks and simple beats but in fact Zoe is a skilled MC. As far as artist mixtapes go so far this year this has got the most burn in my ride and will continue to. I don’t know where hip hop music will be by the end of 2008 but I know Teknikz will have a couple more classic artist mixtapes before its over.