DJ Teknikz – If U Buying We Sellin’ 13

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Big Chew P.S.A: Did you know I shit mixtapes? Not shit on mixtapes, although I specialize in that too but I literally shit mixtapes. I eat mixtapes, I sleep mixtapes, I wear mixtapes to work, I wear mixtapes as shoes, and I use mixtapes as floaties on my arms when I go swimming. I’m a mixtape fiend. There’s a few other people, DJs, ect that do this as well but for all those fair weather, wannabe mixtape fiends you will not succeed in pimping the culture that has stood the test of time.

DJ Teknikz is a cat who “get’s it” and its refreshing to see a DJ succeed and grow as well as seek out knowledge of not only the mixtape game but business as a whole. Let’s keep it real…there are a whole lotta people sellin’ these days and even fewer people buying. Although if you ask Teknikz what’s sellin’ he might have a different story but for now that shit is on the low cause this is mixtapes people and we don’t discuss numbers…cause they don’t exist.

“Freaky Gurl” remix is not something I would bump on the regular but with Luda onboard the shit has potential for days. Gucci Mane got the streets so will the masses be next? Might be. Jeezy on “I’m A G” is true mixtape music. Ain’t nothing wrong with spittin’ on a known beat and your established artist. I haven’t heard TI’s new album but I think there may have been a reason why “I’m The Best” wasn’t on the album. “Speak Your Mind” got shit heating up, this is that raw energy right here. Gorilla Zoe beasting on this track too. If you ain’t fuckin with Mac Boney on “Make It Stretch” you must not truly love some classic down south music. Same can be said for him along side Big Kuntry and JR on “Ballin’ by Nature”. This joint right here is an anthem. I’m listening to “Run” by Wyclef and Chamillionare and I’m thinking Wyclef couldn’t do the same thing as he did with that TI colaboration. This joint was def exclusive but honestly it wasn’t that good. I’ll stick with Gorilla Zoe on “Z.O.E”…the flow is crazy. Klock & Young Harlem get it in with “Ya Know It”. It’s good to hear cats establishing their own sound. I didn’t really like the hook too much but Ben Jacobs suprised the shit out of me on “If U Buying We Selling”…dude got some bars.

Another solid contribution to the mixtape game right here. Classic Teknikz with the skills; a lil mixing, a lil cutting here and there and some good “new” music. At this point I’m riding with Plies on some “give me a mixtape that smells like water, nice tight mixtape with no odor.” Hahahaha, good thing for Teknikz his latest mixtape offering smells like water…no need to douche this time out but I got my Summers Eve ready for the next DJ who drops a stanking ass mixtape.