DJ Teknikz – If U Buying We Selling 8

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There are some serious power moves coming out of the south mixtape wise. Drama reigns supreme but his quality isn’t what it used to be and that’s where DJs like Wally Sparks and Teknikz come in. That #1 spot is a bitch to hold down and DJs are just waiting for that top dog to make mistakes.

Who is not feeling Killer Mike? That dude is scary how well he spits that shit. “Fuck U Pay Me” got anthem potential, def one of the hardest out in the south. CTE doing they thing right now setting up their other artist. “Stuntin’ Like My Homies” is making the mixtape rounds and Jeezey killed me with that Charles Barkley line! Who would of thought S.A.S and CTE would colabo. S.A.S got some shit for the masses you can feel the tension. Ok…is it me or does Nitti need to get a new keyboard sound? “Got Em Hatin” got me hating on that beat. “Believe It” got hit potential, that shit started off radio friendly has hell with the hook but when the beat drops the vibe switches with a quickness. Peep Pimpzilla with “GA Shyt”, dude got loose on the MIC real quick and Teknikz getting tailor made tracks now. The “Rugas In The Trunk” Teknikz remix is instant rewind material. Young Buck and Hell Rell gotta be one of the illest combos. That song already had south appeal but with Young Buck on it that shit was some certified OG music. Is that Nitti again with the beat on “Waffle House”? Damn, the track is hot though, Streetz on the MIC owned that shit and it’s catchy as hell.

Whoever thinks timing doesn’t play an integral part in mixtapes is lying to themselves. Not in just dropping a certain product but knowing when to drop the next CD, the frequency between mixtapes. Teknikz has mastered this and he took the time to perfect his formula as well. Once that formula is perfected its second nature when u hit the studio with new music and the mixtape is that much easier to make. The product really hasn’t changed but the number of people buying it sure has.