DJ Teknikz – If U Buying We Selling Vol. 9

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Who runs the mixtape block out in the A? My people tell me Teknikz got the block locked down. If you ain’t pushing what he’s selling you ain’t selling shit. The mixtape series that has grown to include some of 2006’s best mixtapes returns. This joint looks like a warm up cause you know when volume 10 hits it has to be a special occasion ya dig. Maybe a double CD with volume 10, maybe that shit will come with an instruction manual on how to market, mix and make an impact in the mixtape game in less than a year. Remember the game is to be sold people.

Who the hell is Pimpzilla? All I know is he laced that intro track, kinda got a druken flow to his shit. He might have Rapmullet IPod potential. If anyone from G Unit is gonna pop off album wise it’s gonna be Young Buck. Who else got T.I., Jeezy and Pimp C all on one track? “4 Kings” is the reason why the south is winning. Like Biggie said “relax and take notes”, MCs genuinely supporting their own is where it’s at. You know who is sneaking up on the rap world right now? Lil Scrappy is and from what I’ve heard of him recently he might have the sleeper album of the year. “Work” got a catchy beat people, I know you’re diggin’ it. I’ve been a fan of Yola’s since I first heard “Ain’t Gon Let Up” but that remix with Young Capone on it is THAT shit; he murders that beat! My favorite track off this project is mos def “So Tired”. That shit just hit me right man. It’s got that slow flow and every single MC on that track was speaking some real shit. Devin the Dude actually got swagger on the MIC, all these other MCs yelling swagger are imposters.

If you like actual mixing on your mixtapes, if you like hearing well placed bangin’ tracks back to back, if you like hearing some new dope MCs, if you like a DJ who is doing what the fuck he wants to do, if you buying Teknikz is selling…..Vol. 9 mutha fukas. Like I said this joint is just a warm up to Vol 10 and some other shit. What’s the other shit you ask? I have no idea, but if you think Teknikz isn’t going to keep the mixtape game in a choke hold from now through 2007 then you truly have your head up your ass.