DJ Teknikz – If You Buying We Sellin 20

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Man, Teknikz has come along way since the first installment I heard of this mixtape series years ago. The streets of the south wouldn’t be the same without him, real talk. He’s the epitome of a DJ establishing relationships with artists early and pushing them to the streets. While the “compilation” type of mixtapes are dying a slow death it’s DJs like Teknikz who still get those songs ain’t no one got and it’s all because of what I mentioned above…relationships. Looks like someone was sippin’ the right kool-aid over the years.

“Broom” is so infectious I had to listen to it 30 times so I would O-D and could move on to the other tracks. Gorilla Zoe gotta be one of the most fluid flow’d MCs in the game. Playaz Circle teaches you how to “Get It”, another anthem for the block. I think “Excuse Me” got hella potential. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Doeshun in the new year, believe that. “Red head, freckle face bitches that what I’m used to”…I can dig it. Love me a red head with big ass tits, lol. Speaking of Doeshun, “Pull Up” my favorite track on this whole mixtape. I can’t front on Lil Hot either. Arm & Hammer got the best product placement I ever heard with “Baking Soda”. To call this a trap house anthem would be the understatement of the year. Teknikz got an ear for hits, I can’t front. “My Charm” got that mass appeal, voice modulation and all.

What the fuck else you want me to say that hasn’t already been said about DJ Teknikz? If you ain’t up on his mixtapes by now, you’re a loser. Straight up and down. Hate it or love it he gonna be “sellin” for a while so you might as well get used to him.