DJ Teknikz – If You Buying We Selling Vol. 10

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I thought Vol. 10 would have a gold plated CD in it or maybe a coupon for a free haircut from those $100 haircuts Teknikz is talking about on the mixtape. Not even some McDonalds money in the package?, geeeshhh. Speaking of McDonald’s money. I remember back in the day when cats were pitching dime bags out of this spot. Dude gets buzzed into the building to the cop, pulls out a five dollar bill, three ones and two McDonalds bucks and proceeded to explain how that shit was just as good as money. Think I’m bullshitin’ ask Dimez and he’ll tell you the same story. That same cat showed up with a big jar of coins one time too. Hahahahaha, you gotta love fiends. Well, considering there is no fan fare surrounding Vol.10, no bells, no whistles and Teknikz is keeping it business as usual, lets do the same.

The CD is def Lil Wayne heavy which just proves my point that he moves units like a bastard. “Born & Raised In The A” is creative and def a classic mixtape track. Gorilla Zoe got a ill style and he’ll probably whoop your ass if you don’t act right. Pimpzilla doing what he do on “Caught Em With The AR”. Dudes flow is so laid back it sounds like could rap in his sleep. “Clear The Scene” is my joint. Ransom gets it in and I gotta give props to Teknikz for playing his verse too. Not like how NY cats used to cut off the south MCs when they were featured on a east coast track. Shawty Lo got one of the illest voices to me. He was riding on fools with “I’m Da Man Pt. 2”. That Lil Wayne and Titti Boi “Duffle Bag” freestyle was cool; some get money theme music. Personally I can’t fuck with Bow Wow. You could feature him with any MC and dude will always be “Lil” Bow Wow in that lame ass basket ball movie to me. My daughter said she wants Bow Wow to come to her birthday party. I didn’t have the heart to tell her he was a punk bitch. Without question the sleeper track goes to Gorilla Zoe on “Hood Ni99a”. Something tells me we’re gonna hear a lot more of dude in 2007.

I watched Lil Wayne in his “Come Up” DVD interview and dude is most def on some spaced out shit. Plus I think he’s diggin’ himself too much. Like if he could he literally would hop on his own dick and fuck himself. It’s cool to be confident ect ect but if he ever gets any sense and looks back on how he acted and what he said 10-15 years from now he’s gonna wanna put a gun in his mouth. I can’t fault Teknikz for dropping a Wayne CD. Those shits move, bottom line. Its still Teknikz mixing and adding that “Street Executive” presence to the project. You gotta admire the balance tho between grabbing the listener’s ear with Wayne joints while getting them to also listen to these other MCs that got good music to push.