DJ Teknikz – If You Buying We Selling Vol 14

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone is buying what Teknikz is selling at this point. He’s far from a mixtape rookie but he’s ruling the category as the best new mixtape DJ right now, not to mention hes one of a few DJs left getting true exclusives. As always lets keep this review funky like dirty socks and corn chips.

I’m gonna show you a perfect example of why Teknikz is winning. Remember when the west coast young gun Roccet hit the scene not to long ago? Mixtape DJs hopped on the bandwagon and son was getting burn from coast to coast. Now who’s projects you hear dude on? That’s right DJ Teknikz and he’s setting off the mixtape with a Roccet freestyle. The “Baby Powder” remix grew on me. I’m floating in the fast lane in four inches of snow fucking with this track. If you don’t have it already go pick up that Playaz Circle and DJ Teknikz mixtape. That shit is crazy, I never reviewed it but I listen to it constantly. “Paper Chaser” is that southern smoothness with a lil thug ya mother type flow. I still think Willie The Kid eat cats up on “5000 Ones”. Rick Ross got the “Florida Sound” down pack on “Speeding” and cats are still eating it up; like Greg Gates says…let them have their movement! J.R Get Money is another MC you always see on Teknikz mixtapes. “Drownin” was cool, not his best music but def quality mixtape music. If you don’t already know “Count On Me” is a hit. Jody Breeze is poised for a big 2008…if the label doesn’t fuck it up. Good to see Question getting some burn with “Bank”. I’ve been fucking with this track cause the punchlines are heavy and he’s got his own sound.

The arm and hammer grammar is a fitting sub title for this project. Teknikz mixtapes stay leaving dents in the pavement all over the south. For those that pay attention the formula is simple; find, support, and break artists that are invested in their careers and that make quality music. Sounds simple right but if it was then how come all these other mixtape DJs are putting out these ass check and loose pussy lip mixtapes? Pay attention.