DJ Teknikz Interview

DM: What’s going on fam? Let the people know where you’re from and how long you been in the game?

Teknikz: Im Teknikz AKA If u buyin We sellin holding down Ga based out of the ATL. I was born in Kenya, moved to the US and still doing my thing. You can call me the rookie of the year in the mixtape game but not in the Dj game cos I’ve been doing this for 9 years now. I’ve done my thing from clubs to radio and im here to make my mark on the mixtape game!

DM: Being that you’re in Atlanta, tell the people what the mixtape scene is like out there. Are mixtapes thriving? Is there an oversaturation of mixtapes like in NY?

Teknikz: The mixtape scene is on and poppin in the A. I guess you could say its at its biggest point ever. The game is always oversaturated…with technology and the net, you dont have to own a set of turntables or cdj’s or have the slightest clue on what a dj is to “DON” yourself a dj, but at the end of the day the real deal comes out on top.

DM: We all know there are politics in the music industry, are there a lot of politics with the Atlanta mixtape scene? How do you navigate through it while on the come up?

Teknikz: You already know it. You cant run in this game and not come across politics. From the industry to the streets. I just do me and keep it moving. I don’t have time for the crab effect but at the end of the day I achieve respect for not only If u buyin we sellin but also for the Street Executives. The quality of our work speaks for itself.

DM: What’s the main goal you have when you release a mixtape? What are you looking to accomplish with each and every mixtape you put out?

Teknikz: Well the goal of every mixtape is mostly the same with a few additions here and there with every mixtape. My main goal is always to create a bigger awareness for Street Executives as a company, Dj Teknikz, If u buyin we sellin and everything else we do. Secondly I aim at bringing the hottest music to the streets, introduce new artists through my outlet, thats why I always have indies on my mixtape and take them a step closer to achieving their dream.(indies holla at ur boy) I also have a sponsor for If u buyin we sellin (Hood Affairs TV) so I also create an awareness for them and that is working out great!

DM: Give us a little backround on the Street Executives movement. When did it start, who’s down ect?

Teknikz: First off let me break it down. Street Executives Entertainment Music Entrepreneurs (S.E.E.-M.E.) is the full name. Street Executives was formed in 2005 and we are going onto one year with no major backing, no million dollar budget but we have definately seen tremendous growth. Theres the CEO aka breadman.,me Dj Teknikz , Dj2mello and Dj spinz on the forefront and we put in work in the streets. From mixtapes to promotion, marketing, artist consultation, and various other services. So for the short time that we have formed this, you cant help but to respect our hustle

DM: Other than world domination, where do you see the Street Executives in five years?

Teknikz: In 5 years I definately know the Street Executives will be a major force in the industry. All I can say is sit back and S.E.E.-M.E.!

DM: I heard you were on the road recently, can you tell the people what you had going on?

Teknikz: Men Chew u want me to give away all my secrets? Well I was on the road expanding my wings..creating new outlets and bringing Street Executives to your front door! Thats the best way i can put it.

DM: Let’s talk about MCs for a minute. Who should we be looking for this summer to make an impact coming out of the south?

Teknikz: The south is on fire right now and I hate to bust all the haters bubbles but we are not about to go anywhere. The roster is so huge but to name a few theres Young Dro. You already know Yung Joc, Rick Ross those are a definate this summer. Theres Al Gator doing his thing, Spark dawg definately on his grind, Lil Yola making major noise in the A too.

DM: We know you get ton’s of email’s of new music from unsigned artist, as do most DJs, what do you look for as far as the music is concearned? Do you even listen to music cats send you? How do you decied what to listen to and what to delete from the jump?

Teknikz: Honestly its tuff for an indie to make it in these times cos everyone and their dad is a rapper so finding that diamond is hard. I take it to myself to give every single track I get a listen. It might take me a couple of weeks to get to it but I do and weed em off one by one. Tip for indies..if ur song doesnt grab attention off rip you just lost a listen. You can be the best rapper but if ur beat is whack you lost.

DM: Do you have any MCs that you’re currently working with?

Teknikz: At this moment I dont have an MC I’m working with directly. Theres a few cats who I give priority on my tapes due to their work ethic and the relationship I have with them. I have others I do other things for such as promo..ect

DM: Let’s shift gears for a second. I heard you talk about “ghost DJ’ing” on some of your mixtapes. Have you done that in past and how often does it happen? Is there good money in it?

Teknikz: When I mentioned ghost dj’n I was referring to the mixtapes out there with no flow or organization. But yea I’ve done a “ghost dj” on a project and will continue to do it. I mostly do it for artists that dont have a budget to afford a big dj on their mixtape but still want to have that classic touch on their mixtape. Is there good money in it? I wouldnt do it if I cant pay my bills.

DM: Can you describe your perfect mixtape?

Teknikz: A perfect mixtape is one that you can ride to from start to finish period! Hold on that sounds like if u buyin we sellin.

DM: Give us one thing you would change about the mixtape game and why? How do you think we can improve upon it as well?

Teknikz: Theres alot I would change in the mixtape game but the first thing I would change is the online game. These internet stores are busy pimpin dj’s and dj’s are falling for it. Like I hit one site up on gettin on there and dude checked out my tapes and was like send me this and this and that. So I’m like ok ..I’ll need this from you. He had the nerve to say he thought I was sending them on the love?? I’m like WTF type shyt is that. Nah homie I dont have that much love for you. And thats why Teknikz is not all over the net but I do my thing in the streets.

DM: Teknikz thanks for taking the time out today. Any last thoughts? Let the people know what you got coming up.

Teknikz: Thanks Chew and the rapmullet family for the interview. Its highly appreciated. Just goes to prove that hard work doesnt go unnoticed. Indies, labels, fans, groupies holla at your Teknikz and the street executives at 678 933 7272 / 678 698 3188… and coming soon! Theres alot coming in the future from the whole Street Executives …offcourse If u buyin we sellin has proved itself and theres more from that series..Theres Dj Spinz Southern Swagger , Dj 2mello’s American pimp..I will also be doin a mixtape called Draft pick coming soon…If u buyin we sellin Bloodline Edition Vol2 as requested by the streets! And im out!!!