DJ Teknikz – Rookie Of The Year Pt. 2

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If you fuck with the south and you ain’t fucking with Big Kuntry, Slick Pulla, Bloodraw, and Gorilla Zoe then you should go kill yourself. These other regions need to take note; all four of these artists on here and they all have distinct deliveries and flows. The subject matter might be similar but they all stand out from each other sound wise all while being from the same region…that’s how it should be. What can I say about Teknikz that hasn’t been said already? He’s getting to that point where you just cop every mixtape that his name is on regardless of the track list…that’s a beautiful thing.

Peep the first two tracks and tell me Teknikz ain’t doing it big. Exclusive joints done just for the DJ are a rare thing these days. “If U Buying We Sellin” is titled after the mixtape series that runs the streets of the “A”. it doesn’t get any realer than that. Oh and if you aren’t up on J.R. by now you done missed the boat. Same shit with Gorilla Zoe on the same track title. See the thing about Gorilla Zoe is the flow is ever so effortless, like it’s too easy for dude….rhyming mater of factly and shit. Out of all four of these MCs, Slick Pulla is the dude that got my ear the most. “Watchin Me” is heavy rewind material, dudes voice is that unique and if the hook doesn’t draw you in you must be deaf. The band used in “26 Inches” is big man, I’m loving that shit…hook didn’t impress me at all tho. Gorilla Zoe stays with a hit, “Money Man” is catchy like crabs in a whore house…can’t deny it! I thought I was “Big Shyt Poppin’d” out but Big Kuntry, Alfamega, Mac Boney and JR breath new life into that joint. JR eats everyone else alive tho with his verse…the kid is a menace to the MIC people. I’m still fucking with “Talk Greasy”. If Slick Pulla doesn’t impress you with this mixtape classic I guess you really are a lame. Don’t be mad tho, Lil Wayne is more than happy to have you as a stan…matter of fact that’s the best place for you to be over there with Lil Stain. Peep Slick Pulla on “Last Hope”…”when I step out the booth all I leave is smoke / I’m the hoods last hope.” Ahh man this joint heavy right here, Slick Pulla spittin’ explosives.

What can we tell from the music on here? Slick Pulla and Blood Raw will be holding down the block like vets following up the USDA album with potent solo joints. Big Kuntry has potential but can use some more polish. Maybe a bigger mixtape presence or maybe just being overall a lil hungrier than he is now. As for Gorilla Zoe he’s got the formula and flow to cross over in the same way Yung Joc did and I’m sure that’s why he’s on the same label. So what about Teknikz? He’s already been the Rookie of the Year, but look for him to pick up the pace in the 4th quarter and as usual get ready to follow the leader.