DJ Teknikz – Rookie Of The Year

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I gotta give it up to Teknikz, he’s coming into his own along with the Street Executives. I’m not the one to crown him the Rookie of the Year but the streets are def talking. Some of these so called “kings” aren’t gonna know what hits them when it goes down. Best thing Teknikz does is how he lets every new release talk shit for him in the street and if you on the net well then you already know the Teknikz infestation has begun.

Straight up I dont’ fuck with Plies to tough but his music held it down on this project. Matter of fact Teknikz beat both Drama and Smallz to some of these Plies tracks: “Choppa Zone”, “Bond Money” and “Bid Long”. Now if I gotta pick one of these four MCs to be the next superstar of rap it’s gonna be Young Dro. Joints like “100 Yard Dash”, “What The Hell Are Those”, and “Don’t Believe” are the truth. He’s got a laid back style and voice that can give TI a run for his money. Rick Ross just dropped, waiting to see how his #’s do but regardless his album is dope, literally. “Push It” is a hit and I fucks with that video too. Shit Yung Joc is a star already and you know why? The bitch’s man, the bitches bought his album heavy and support that dude. I don’t think he’s a very skilled MC but Puffy can take mediocre and make it a star, that he’s proven time and time again. Shout to Joc, get money man.

I like the concept, the whole Georgia to Florida thing is bout to be played out real hard but both area’s are popin’ off so what you expect. The music is def dope, some old and some new, but Teknikz holding it down with the skillz truly made what could’ve been an average CD into a bangin’ CD. Cats can say they don’t think mixing is important all they want but once that style becomes the norm again where you gonna be?