DJ Teknikz & Young Dro – Blame It On The Dro

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Teknikz said he is gonna shit on you cats in ’08 and I believe him. He’s slowly become the go to mixtape DJ in the south if you’re an artist looking to drop a mixtape. I mean there are other DJs they could go to but who besides Teknikz has really made artist get their shine on this year so far with near classic product. What other mixtape DJ you know touring and doing mixtapes with major artists right now? Not two years ago, not last year…right now. See, your list is extra short just like your attention span. He was just on Mixtape Monday too…not the mixtape he was actually in the video…what mixtape DJ has done that this year so far? Your list is even shorter. You can try to out work him but I don’t think it’s gonna happen…prepare to be shat upon.

“Play Times Up” is the anthem, the hook is classic and that beat will have you neck brace’d up. I don’t really mess with R. Kelly since his self titled album but “Swag On” is a hit single waiting to happen. Why do cats continue to fuck with the “Beathe” instrumental on mixtapes? That shit is like wearing black socks and flip flops to the beach man…let it go people there are 2457 other beats I can think of to flip on a mixtape. “I’m So Tire” is that mood music for the masses to relate to. “Life And Times” has that bounce, that liquid flow; you can’t help but nod your head. The slow flow got me rewinding shit on “Tired of Me”. Dro getting his story telling off a lil something lyrically. “Got Faith” is showing Dro’s word play a little, shit is still basic but he’s mastered his style. I def fuck with how they flipped “Grand Finale” over “Mo Money, Mo Problems”…Macc Boney ate that beat alive too. “Blame It On The Dro” is smoked out…that’s my shit, rapid flows and bass heavy. Last but not least, that “Al Dro Green” was classic. This is mixtape music I want to hear.

Me personally I think Dro is underrated lyrically. He’s got his moments where you hear MIC skills for days and part of that is what Teknikz brings to the table when you’re talking mixtapes. A couple mixtape flips I wasn’t really fucking with like that “Breathe” joint especially, the original cuts made up for it tho. One thing you come away with after listening to this project a few times is that Dro is a master of balance. Balance between being able to make a hit/crossover type record and still being able to feed the streets with anthems. That’s why dude stays winning.