DJ Tnyce & DJ Blaze – King Of New York

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There are def a lot of Biggie tributes going on around the internet and mixtapes ect, I’ve actually had this mixtape for a couple weeks now. Letting shit marinate in the IPod, figured it was a good night to write the review. First up shout to Tnyce and DJ Blaze, doing their thing Update NY and beyond for more than a minute. We’ve all heard Biggie blend CDs for a while now but to me tribute wise I think it’s a good look. I mean I’ve heard Biggie’s music more times than I can count so instead of bringing out the old albums and listening to some shit I’ve heard thousands of times before why not listen to some re-worked versions and see what type of vision Tnyce and Blaze are bringing to the table.

The shit is 46 tracks deep so to say DJs were putting in work is a true understatement. Biggie to me, especially off “Ready To Die”, reminds me of living at Moms crib, up in a busted ass walk in closet breaking up “QP”s of weed with a hand held scale, rolling around in my ’88 White Plymouth Horizon with a boom box in the back seat…”Me and My Bitch” playing and shit. If you take anything away from listening to Biggie over the next couple days let it be those times you had while you first discovered and enjoyed his music. Props on the intro, shit was proper but I was really diggin’ the energy off the “Ni99as Bleed ” blend. Click the link and peep it. Most def gotta highlight “Dreams”….”Pimpin’ ain’t easy but it sure is fun”. That beat used behind that got a lil bounce to it too. I love the beat for “Story To Tell”, the knocks in that shit are crazy. The blend of the track tho was on point, gave it a lil different vibe to it. “Living The Life” got Biggie flowing over “Make It Rain”, something I never would have fathomed but the shit worked. Same with Biggie and Justin Timberlake on “Another”. Two blends got me open tho, “Come On and Whatchuwant “; probably the hardest part of the whole CD to me. The sleeper joint…that shit to snap your neck too was “Unbelievable “. Without question Biggie with R Kelly and Snoop was the wheel…sounded like some shit Biggie would have actually done. That freestyle on track 45 I never heard before so that’s always a welcome addition to any mixtape right there.

I give credit where credit is due and DJ Tnyce and DJ Blaze got themselves some rare acapellas and put in that work blend wise. I have a nice “rare” collection of Biggie vocals but they def got their hands on some shit and did those joints proper. Just like “Life After Death” had an incredible balance of commercial hits and street anthems, these two DJs followed that same blueprint and brought that out in their blends. Put one in the air for Biggie people, be thankful for the tracks he did leave us with and maybe…just maybe he can inspire you one more time.