DJ Ty Boogie – Blend City 25

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This feels like the early days of the Mullet where I would go out and find some shit to review. Time to put some of these artist mixtapes to the side and get back to the essence of the mixtape, which is a collection of other people’s music mixed and or blended. Fuck a pause tape in 2009, that shit is now called a “blog tape”. I hear DatPiff has some openings for your blog tapes go hit them up. They would love to pimp you and your “hard work”. *laughs.

Ty Boogie is if nothing else consistent with the blend CDs. He really must have a love for the genre cause trying to blend “Stanky Leg” and other pop-ish tracks can’t be that fun. Not only that accapellas and instrumentals aren’t really flowing like they once did. Not in this mp3 age anyway. There’s def some highway music up on here. “I Get It In” blend is third lane material. Red Cafe’s “So Easy Blend” with classic Mary J behind hit got some rewind. “Knock You Down” had me open a lil too. My favorite blend was the last joint. That Ciara joint was smooth, can’t front on that one.

I like that Ty Boogie thanked his supporters at the end of the CD too. Cats need to appreciate the fans who cop their projects. Too many people not humble enough to do shit like that, stuck on some superstar shit. Def a cop’able mixtape tho. Ty Boogie keeping the skill sharp as ever and you get some mild third lane theme music too.