DJ Unexpected – 300% Recycled Material

This feels like 2004 all over again. Rapmullet was new and the first classic DJ Unexpected review goes up. Deja vu. It’s spooky in here man. I remember Dimez when he got that first Unexpected CD calling me up on some “you got to hear this!”. Here we are 17 years later. 17 years!

Talking to Dimez about a month ago he did mention that Un had a new mix out. I got busy building this Rapmullet part two thing and well I finally got caught up. Truth be told mixtapes been dead. It’s skeleton is somewhere among the dinosaur remains of a forgotten time. Mixes still exist and while I’ve heard my fair share over the last 10 years or so they’re not like they used to be…until now.

It’s rare to press play on new mix and within the first 60 seconds you get chills. If there was a track list, that first blend would have to be labeled as “social distance mix”. The best way to describe this project is this: vintage songs blended with vintage beats, deftly fused, expertly timed, with purpose and wit.

The biggest thing I hear after running this mix back to back to back to back is that Unexpected sounds like he had fun making it. That comes through in the music. The energy is light, there’s no expectations, just a skilled DJ having fun cooking up some marvelous shit for the hell of it. If no one has said it yet, thanks for making this mix UN. It’s appreciated.

P.S. That Talking Heads blend had me like a fiend on the floor for days. Then it goes into Blondie and then Sade? And you got the INXS with Hall & Oats and then Hall & Oats comes right back. WTF UN!