DJ Unexpected – Every Shade Has A Story: Jamaica

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The HBO of the mixtape game is back to claim his spot. Unexpected has more original mixtape series than any other DJ out right now. The funny thing about Unexpected is that blends are nothing to this man. He could literally drop a blend CD every couple weeks and probably run a nice portion of the mixtape game. Problem with that tho is he’s truely a mixtape DJ “artist” and it’s not in him to churn out weak or sub-par product. It’s the difference between painting a tool shed out back of your house and painting the Sistine Chapel.

Every Shade Has A Story is the new series; Jamaica is the first installment. If you were to study the mixtape game right now and figure out what “genre” of mixtape there is virtually none of at this very moment it would be hip hop/reggae blends. The timing on this one is crazy but on the real this CD will be selling six months from now as more and more people discover it and the word of mouth spreads.

I’m gonna give you bits and pieces for hightlights cause with any DJ Unexpected CD you have to discover it for yourself. As soon as you hear Biggies “Ni99as Blend” beat behind “Ghetto Story” you know what it is…then the shit switches up to “Window Shopper” then the beat from the Lost Boys “Rene” and you can tell the DJ is just fucking with you pulling out three different vibes from the same track. Then again it could be the three beats flipped behind “Can’t Satisfy Her” that fucks you up too. Now on the real, I don’t usually fuck with Elephant Man too tough but over a classic “H-Town” beat the shit was hard as concrete. I’m not gonna tell you the beat you gotta hear it for yourself. If you’re peeping the track list you see the shit has four interludes and each track that follow plays to the “theme” of the interlude. See cats don’t put that much thought into shit these days and its one reason Unexpected is so far ahead of the pack. I don’t think I’ve heard as much energy on a blend as I did with Sizzla on “Get To The Point”. This is some riot inciting music and it fits the “story” perfectly. Speaking of Sizzla, he exudes that same energy on “Brand New” as well. I was on the highway with a chip on my shoulder listening to this section floating in the fast lane.

You know what? That’s it. No more highlights. Know this….classic beats behind classic reggae telling the story of Jamaica as only DJ Unexpected hears it. That’s all you need to know about this one. As a true blue mixtape fiend this is a must cop for the collection. If you don’t cop it I would have to question your mixtape fiend sincerity….plus this shit sounds so good in the ride it’s ridiculous.