DJ Victorious & Sha Stimuli – Verses The World

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I don’t know what the fuck ya’ll listening to but I got four artist mixtapes right now that I’ve been bumping all week like a fiend with shitty draws on. This project right here is one of them. Shout to the one they call DJ Victorious, dude stays reppin’ BK MCs to the fullest. Mr. Stimuli has been consistent this year if not for anything else. I honestly don’t think you people like lyrics cause if you did you’d be rocking shitty draws like me fiendin’ out off the realness from this here project.

“The chip on my shoulder is growing / it’s like a boulder I’m holding but yo I gotta keep going”. Pure hunger mixed with frustration of a dope ass MC on that intro man. THAT is how you set a tone for your mixtape. I love just real life lyrics. Not that bang bang flip packs bullshit, that’s real life for a limited few. I mean that real life mundane blue collar fucked up shit that happens to everyone everyday real life. Sha Stimuli give you that with every bar and he always finds a fly way to spit it too. It could be with a conceptual joint…”Walk On Water 2″ or just the raw blessed word play of “Hit Em’ Up”. Either joint is real life shit you can relate to. “9 to 5” is an anthem, fuck that. Sha speaking to all of us schlepping in an office somewhere right now. “It ain’t about what I want, It’s about what I need, it’s about that cream…it ain’t about my skill it’s about my bills, it’s about my seeds…” When’s the last time you heard about an MC rhyme about 401 K’s and getting his credit right? That’s real life for a ton of people right there. I admire that shit to be honest cause there’s way too many MCs pushing that hustle culture knowing there’s no future in that shit. He pretty much addresses that in “Actors”. He said: “You tell tails real well until they flash a weapon, you got from Hell Rell to LL in half a second”. Hahaha that’s classic. Best track to me on here tho is “We Can Make It” That’s is the realest joint I’ve heard all year hands down. MCs don’t make like tracks like that anymore man, damn shame.

I can hear the frustration in Sha Stimuli’s voice. I can imagine what he goes through. Knowing you’re one of the best at your craft but the sun moon and stars never seen to align career wise. He must be like “what the fuck more do I have to do with this music” before it pays off. Such a fitting title too; Verses The World. The struggle continues and great music continues to be made.