DJ Wally Sparks & Big K.R.I.T – King Of The Queen

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I give credit where credit is due and Wally Sparks with the Hood Fame Editions is one of my favorite mixtape series out today. If you cats haven’t already figured it out, the complete artist on the come up CD is the new exclusive. There will always be DJs putting out “net-sclusives” but they will never compare to the DJs who are finding and breaking “quality” talent while still building with already established artist. Big K.R.I.T is on deck this time and his music got me thinking the South’s reign on the music business will only get bigger.

You know what impresses me the most about Big K.R.I.T? He can def rhyme but he also produces his ass off on this CD. I’m not talking about a couple nice knocks here or there and it sound decent, I’m talking about some polished ass sounds people; that top notch shit. Right from jump the song that grips my ears and won’t let go is “Roller Skaten”. Naw, its not literally about roller skaten its a metaphor bitches. I love this hook, the organ compliments that shit like a fat, juicy PB&J samich and Big K.R.I.T got a flow to rival anyone in the south, no bullshit. If this song got the right push it’s a bonified hit record. Somebody get him to do a video for this song ASAP! I gotta say the same for “I Just Touched Down”, that beat is some next level music right there. As much as I dispise the word “swagger” now, Big K.R.I.T has my permission to flip it on his “Swagger Back” freestyle plus he used the word “debonair” in his rhyme so atleast he gets the true meaning of what swagger should be. Like clock work, “One Day 2006” hits and you see the real life shit come through in the rhyme. I wish I could make cats listen to this joint and peep some game. “Pushin” got some jewels in the rhyme too, but its the sultry knock of “Mary Jane (Space Out)” that could easily be a second single. I was glad to hear K.R.I.T speaking on “subject matter”, talking about cats don’t rap about shit now a days, true story man. You know what? That’s enough highlights. I want ya’ll that don’t know about Big K.R.I.T to go cop that CD and enjoy.

The shit that fucks my head up is K.R.I.T is only 19 years old. He’s def an old spirit though who does the knowlege on just plain life in general. I think it was DJ Folk who helped cats get up on K.R.I.T so props to that man as well as Mr. Wally Sparks for letting the music shine bright on this release. Is it just me or is Wally Sparks the epitome of “mixtape class”? I said it the first time I heard a Hood Fame Special Edition this is a special series and as an artist you want to be a part of it. Back to K.R.I.T……he’s a once in a life time talent all around; beats, flow, lyrical content, style it’s all there. If K.R.I.T doesn’t have some sort of deal already the game is truly fucked up and twisted. He’s the future people….bottom line.