DJ Wally Sparks & Cory Mo – Do You Want Mo?!?

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How many proper MCs do you know that can also produce some hot shit? How man dope ass producers you know that can spit like they were born to do it? Cats is double threats in the game man…and you have to respect that. Cory Mo getting money from all angles; talk about versatility. I gotta got out to Texas man, just soak up the vibe in different cities and see where cats get their inspiration. Wally Sparks on that Hood Fame shit people….I’m telling ya’ll like I told ya’ll before this is that mixtape series to cop religiously without question. If Wally co-signing you know its proper; simple as that.

“It Ain’t Me” with Bun B, Pimp C and Slim Thug is a crazy ass track. That bass had the trunk of my ride stuttering like a mutha fucka; catchy ass hook too. I’m loving how he flipped “Slow & Low” the guitar was killing it. He said “one rhyme at a time / track by track.” I wish more cats followed Cory Mo’s lead…their would be a hell of a lot more good music in the world today if they did. Best colabo on here gott be the joint with Talib Kweli, “I’m With It”. Talib stays spitting that truth while Cory Mo follow suit. Kind of a different sound for him but it worked lovely and his flow over the increased BPM was tight. I could say the same for “Ain’t Hard To Find”; classic mixtape track. On the production tip I’m not gonna get real deep with it cause next to “Anything” by Devin The Dude its a hard act to follow. I heard this off a Devin the Dude mixtape and the shit was by far my favorite track. Something about that beat that Devin the Dude captures. I def wouldn’t want to hear anyone else rhyme on this joint. If you really break down this beat it fucks your head up. First… that bass man is some heavy shit, thick….like walking in quick sand type shit. Then that little guitar riff to accent parts of the rhyme is some genius shit and complimented the rhyme perfectly. I don’t how they colaborated or what the creative process was like creating this song but I’d def like to know. The other beat that really caught my ear was Lil Keke on “Swagga Back”. I fucks with some bongos in a beat man, that shit just adds flavor to a beat.

Lyrically Cory Mo is on that straight forward, tell it like it is music. I got nothing but respect for that, people want to hear real life situations and more than anything they want the truth; even if that shit hurts. Beyond this mixtape or any beats or bars that Cory Mo creates the thing that stands out to me is that he’s a talent…period. The type of cat that if giving the opportunity to be creative will give you something special either on the MIC or behind the boards……consistently.