DJ Wally Sparks & DJ Dub Floyd – Hip Hop Doctrine 2

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Mo music, mo music, mo music…double disc mixtapes of this magnitude makes mixtape fans tap a vein. I said it in another review…this is not “real” hip hop, it’s music with a soul and a purpose. We haven’t gotten to many new projects from Wally Sparks this year but with this one he def makes up some ground. Dub Floyd on the other hand has been consistent and he’s not retired…more like dangerously focused. I don’t know many people who are not familiar with The Boondocks, shit my 49 year old would-be/never gonna-be mother-in-law watches on the regular…she’s a perfect match for Uncle Rukus too.

Too many songs to highlight here so I’ll only talk about some that caught my ear. First up is The Kickdrums lacing “Hip Hop Doctrine”; flawless beat and they set up a perfect back drop for Chaundon and Asheru to do their thing on the MIC. The Wally Sparks mix of “Honey” with Little Brother and Erykah Badu was smooth as hell, not too mellow but just enough to nod ya head and hit rewind. Wally kept that vibe going with a remix of “A Brooklyn Summer” featuring Skyzoo and Joell Ortiz. The beat was light and airy, that perfect “sit down on a crate and play domino’s” music. I never heard Ja$ before but she worked the hell out of “T.R.O.Y”…the flow is serious. “Lose It” with Jozeemo and Little Brother gotta be the dopest song on disc one; just some raw shit with an infectious hook. The true sleeper of disc one is the Wally Sparks mix of “Let Go” with Rashid Hadee and Common. Rashid Hadee is cool as a fan on the MIC and he easily gives Common a run for his money…old verse and all. On disc two the first joint to really hold my ear and get me rewinding shit is “Balance” by Huyusheru, that shit was just speaking to me man…I wish more fans were listening to it tho. Jean Grae eats up another beat with “It’s a Wrap” and we get some brand new shit from Rashid Hadee on “ Whatever It Takes”…I’m telling you don’t sleep on this cat. The best remix on disc two is easily “Save Me Baby” by Ghostface, Dub Floyd and Wally Sparks using a crazy J. Dilla beat. Then the Kickdrums make a come back with a Dub Floyd mix of “Start To Finish”…Raekwon never sounded so focused. The last half of disc two reads like a who’s who of up and coming dope MCs…Pacific Division with “For Real”…classic shit, U-N-I with “Castlevania”…the swagger is real, Phene with “The Spokesman”…the flow of ’08 and Laz and Geolani trading verses on “Dollar Circulate”.

The most important thing about this mixtape is that the music truly represents the Boondocks. The vibe, the message, the jokes, all of that is in here and that’s why Dub Floyd and Wally Sparks are doing this in the first place. You don’t get to do a project like this without a great understanding of the music and how to use it to portray as well as promote “the message”. The old saying goes “if you don’t stand up for something then you will fall for anything”…Dub Floyd and Wally Sparks been standing so long I don’t think they’ve ever even sat down.