DJ Wally Sparks & Rick Ross – “Cocaine Cowboys”: The Official Mixtape

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“Do you know something about cocaine? dígame!” I’ll tell you this….cocaine is a hell of drug. Hahahaha, naw but seriously cocaine in Miami in the late 70’s and early 80’s was some crazy shit. I had the pleasure of seeing the movie Cocaine Cowboys about a month ago when it first leaked onto the net and I was hooked. This is one of those projects that you “have to” own. It’s mandatory if you collect DVDs. Wally Sparks doing what he do on this joint so enough of the yammy yam and let’s get it in.

The Dadeland Massacre. They def use that as a defining point in the movie as far as violence being set off in Miami and how cats were getting it in. “Cocaine” with UGK and Rick Ross is that laid back, hit a couple bumps..sniff, sniff and get that drip. Bun B laces his verse too, def a stand out track. Of course we got to get a Wally Sparks remix with “Grind TKO”. Shit…Pusha T and Rick Ross on a track…what you think the rhyme is about. I haven’t really fucked with N.O.R.E since the CNN days but on “Cocaine Cowboys” he pretty much breaks down the whole movie from Ochoa to Mickey Monday to Rivi and La Madrina. Shit Mickey Monday had his own airport hanger in central Florida flying shit in like it was nothing, cats getting 1.5 million per flight. Can’t forget about Max Mermelstein too. One of the most slept on MCs gotta be Smitty and he laces “Can’t Knock The Hustle”. Beat wise “My Chopper” is some infectious ass music and the hook ain’t half bad either. Back to the Wally Spaks Fly remix with Clipse & Trick Daddy on “Momma I’m Sorry” If this track doesn’t epitomize the concept of the mixtape I’m gonna give up this mixtape shit. The sleeper track on the CD is Garcia with “I’m Cuban”. I could swear that vocal sample is from “Half Baked”…I’m Cuban B!.

The fact that they are using mixtapes to promote the movie is one of the best moves I’ve seen all year. Not only does the mixtape do the movie justice it actually makes you have to see it once you hear all the clips and DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy and Rick Ross talking about the movie just add to the flavor. I hope they aren’t just giving this joint away with the DVD cause this shit will actually sell the project, especially to mixtape fans. What can I say about Wally Sparks man? He’s got the remixes, some new shit, some exclusive shit and he put the time to in to utilize the movie clips in a way to not only market the DVD but ride right along with the music. Go cop it when it drops —