DJ Wally Sparks & UGK – The Kingz

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Picture a superhero without any powers that manages to save the day consistently. His uniform (a fitted and a t shirt) doesn’t protect him from bullets. You can barely see him standing on stage in a silhouette, but he isn’t alone. He has an instrument. His instrument is a set of turntables. The tool he utilizes comes in the form of the “boom bap” or an “808”. The “yookers” “poo palace” like their bodies were created for the task and “dope boys” bob their head to the muthafuckin’ beat as if they were getting paid for it. He is able to save his loyal constituents with a consistent flow of mixtapes. He is an unsung hero. He is a DJ. He is WALLY SPARKS (you can send that check to RAPMULLET)!

WALLY called me up one time to ask if he should quit making mixtapes, because he didn’t feel like he was getting the recognition he deserved for what he does (welcome to the club famron). I don’t know if he listened to what I said, but I’m glad he decided to stay thhe course and you should be too. “THE KINGZ” is a “best of”, and WALLY does it well. It lacked the signature WALLY SPARKS blends, but not the finesse.

There were too many joints on here for you not to pick up the release and if you’re a fan of Hip Hop (not southern Hip Hop), then this is a must have! PIMP C and BUN B are solidified in this game we love and alongside some of our favorite artist you know throwed lyrics are mandatory. “YOU’Z A TRICK” features LIL FLIP, although I don’t feel MIKE JONES is a superior mc, his track (POURIN UP) with UGK is one of my favorite. “LIKE THAT” have the KINGS riding solo and that’s when their at their best. I understand the premise behind having the KINGZ riding along other artists, but I’d enjoy it either way. You can pass on “THE KINGZ”, but remember not too long ago WALLY thought of walking away.