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Straight from the land of Chuck Taylor’s, sherm, the term “one-time” and the adopted home of TUPAC; SCIPIO and DJ WARRIOR connect to bring you “CALI UNTOUCHABLE RADIO PT. 10”. My man THE PILL POPPER would have loved this joint, because they kept it so WEST side all the way through. We reviewed a release by SCIPIO before, but this is by far his best work! I love the sub-title “ANGEL DUST”, coming from the LOS ANGELES native. Let’s not waste time jaw flapping. I’m ready to get into this.

I’ve listened to a few of the releases from the “CALI UNTOUCHABLE” series and none of them have been as good as this installment. It isn’t just the rhymes of SCIPIO, but the production is a departure from the usual landscape of the chain. To hear WARRIOR tell it, his skills have been apparent since day one, but I beg to differ. He didn’t use the typical song-shout out format that the “exclusive” DJ’s have made famous, but he didn’t do much to distinguish himself either. That’s all changed on “CALI UNTOUCHABLE…10”. There’s spin backs, double ups and simply taking the track back to the top. Bottom line, the joint is a little “GANGSTA GRILL-ISH”, but I could give a damn if the shit bangs.

If you know Rapmullet, you know I can’t stand when DJ’s drop mixatpes with less than 20 joints. That’s my major problem with “CALI UNTOUCHABLE…10”. There are only 13 tracks. DRAMA often sets up his mixtapes with original material and freestyles. SCIPIO is from CALI. There are so many beats from different eras of WEST COAST hip hop that he could of used to take us back? Instead, he laces us with a 13 track mixtape and WARRIOR should have known better. Aside from that aspect, there is some awesome material. “COUNTY JAIL” featuring TEEDRA MOSES is one to grow on. When it comes to straight spitting, my favorite was “NEXT TO ME” featuring TAJE from SOULS OF MISCHIEF. There were others on the track, but those two were my favorites.

If this is the new direction of “CALI UNTOUCHABLE RADIO”, I’m all for it. I found the format exciting and provided WARRIOR adds some meat to the potatoes this series will definitely be something to recon with. Who’s up next?