DJ Wats – Arme Exclusives Volume 1

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How far has this mix tape shit gone? Enter, DJ Wats. I wouldn’t spark a blunt with a silly bitch to this bullshit. ARME is the mutha fuckin’ clothing line from the streets. I got love for the creator. When a nigga go from the pen to the penthouse legally, you gotta love his hustle. Unfortunately he put this cat DJ Wats on his team. Wats starts the tape talking about cats downloading exclusives from the internet, then he plays a Jay-Z freestyle from ‘95 that has floated around the internet for so long, the shit probably has its own website. There is so much space between the songs, I thought the cd ended 24 times. If Big Mike graduated from The Clue Mix Tape Dj School, then Wats got left back. He wasted the cover, because that shit was hard! He should blow that shit up and sell posters instead of the cd. The soundman needs his ass kicked. I thought I was listening to one of the mix tapes that niggas used to sell by the bus stop on 125th. Before I bounce, I’m a positive brother, so I want to give my man some advice. Get Your Weight Up Or Leave This Shit Alone!