DJ Whoo Kid & 50 Cent – G Unit Radio 21: Hate It Or Love It

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2 ½ TAPES!!!

We already have fans. No CHEW and I don’t drive LAMBO’S, but we still getting a little grip. Does that give us the right to say a tape is 2 ½ tapes and end a review? I didn’t think so. We don’t appreciate when WHOO KID does it either!

The cover is hilarious. When GAME says something about G UNIT everyone says it’s way too much, but I’m equally tired of both camps taking shots at one another. G UNIT should concentrate on giving a boost to “BLOOD MONEY”, because that shit’s been sitting on the shelf longer than those fake bags of potato chips at the weed spot (that’s for my NY heads). GAME needs to move on too, but son is fighting for his life, so I hope this release doesn’t make him come out with 20 G UNIT diss tracks, because that shit is passé. I’ve ranted long enough, let’s get to the music (damn this review is starting to get like a WHOO KID cd, there’s very little music on there too).

My favorite track is “Misdemenor ”. The original track holds sentimental value for your boy DIMEZ. My pops use to rock that shit when I was a rug rat. “MAKE A MOVIE OUT EM” is better than most dudes entire albums, and that’s why 50 moves units like ADIDAS was hustling shell toes in the 80’s. “STOP CRYING” is 50 gutta ass niggas sitting in the basement shooting dice and pissing in the corner while lifting weights and smoking bags of that piffery. I was extremely disappointed with “LAST CHANCE”. PRINCE killed that fucking song and truthfully MOBB DEEP did a better job when they sampled “IF I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND”.

I like the shit 50 drops as much as the next dude, but you gotta give me more than one verse and you bumping your soup coolers the rest of the track.