DJ Whoo Kid & Freeway – G Unit Radio 19

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I’ve seen and heard a few people raving about this CD so I thought I’d check it out, see what the bizzness is ect. Keep in mind though Freeway does have an annoying voice, unique but def annoying after a while. Thank god Whoo Kid keeps his mixtape short right? Let’s see what the Prince of Philadelphia has to offer shall we?

Ok, what were you mutha fukas listening to? “Rep Yo Click”? Oh hell no. This song was like getting stabbed with a ice pick in the tip of “yo” dick… hurts. I guess it’s just me man but that beat and Freeway trying to get crunk didn’t move me at all. I don’t know who OD’d with the synths on “Won’t Say It Again” but I thought I was listening to the last scene from the movie “Revenge of the Nerds”. They should have given Wormser and Poindexter production credits on that track. Freeway rode the beat like Lamar throwing the javelin… aight let me stop. First joints to really hold my ear were “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me” and the Cosmic Kev Freestyle. Freeway alongside of Beans is cool as hell, Freeway riding solo for more than 5 tracks is a hard listen.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Freeway to a certain extent and I would cop this for the features but solo is too much. Like Flavor Flav said: “don’t believe the hype”, the CD is overrated by the masses. Freeway’s flow just never changes, listen to the shit. It’s the same cadence song after song building more and more inflection in his voice till he gets to the chorus. This is def not his best work and you can bet his album will have many features on it.