DJ Whut It Dew & Spark Dawg – Uncle Face Sent Me

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Welcome DJ Whut It Dew to the Rapmullet review section. Whut It Dew is outta Louisiana and he’s riding with Spark Dawg this time out. For those that think mixtape DJs just pop outta know where and get on you got to do your research cause not every mixtape DJ is on your favorite website where cop CDs…that’s where Rapmullet comes into play. Peep What It Dew’s myspace page and check the catalog:

“Major Grind” is the jump off track and rightfully so. Cats are putting in work and Spark Dawg is no different. What do Magno, Jokaman, and Spark Dawg have in common? They all have that “Sonic Flow” and a classic Texas style. I think people are starting to write Texas off now but the talent isn’t going anywhere out there…especially the flow. Cory B impressed with “Stay Braided”. This joint was def catchy. Spark Dawg might have another anthem on his hands with “See Me In Ya City”. The vibe of this track is all Texas man, from the chopped hook to the slow flow. Its good to see cats can rhyme with a little bit of humor on a track like “My Ex Hoe” as well. Yung Texxus getting his shine on with his verse and the hook was infectious again. T. Gunz caught fire on “Put It In The Air” while giving the people some music to cop coke too. It’s always good to hear from 334 Mob, don’t know what happened on their deal with Def Jam but they did their thing on “Choppin’ O’s”.

DJ Whut It Dew is def on the come up, working with and supporting talented MCs on the come up. He’s got a classic mixtape style, let’s the skills breathe and rides along with the music well while never out shinning the artist. Spark Dawg on the other hand def paid his dues and continues to do so. Look for him and Green City to have a big second half of the year.