DJ Wits & Montega – Human Heroin

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The grizzly bear of rap is back with a CD for the people. I’m diggin’ the title to this project, it’s simple and you can never go wrong with a little bit of alliteration. See, the cover ties in well with the title to give you a feel for what you’re about to hear. This is where MCs separate themselves from the pack; marketing (cover, concept and class). Am I expecting to hear Montega sing a hook over a Chris Brown beat while he rhymes about running through a field with some broad while sippin’ a White Wine Spritzer? Hell no! I do however expect to hear about the struggle and how he views his world; the good the bad and the ugly.

The first two joints, “It’s Over” and “Watch What You Say” were tight, can’t front. It’s that potent flow with a lot of your “don’t test me” type of shit. I can tell you that the struggle is present throughout the CD though. Case in point; “Trouble” with Rain. This track here is a perfect beat for Montega. It’s a little more up tempo which allows his flow to breathe as opposed to the slow joints where his flow can stagnate at points. Plus the hook got me hooked! As far as painting a picture of real life, you got “Making Believe”. I mean most cats know people in those same struggles he’s describing and that’s how you want to come off. You want people to relate to the music and sometimes you gotta show some vulnerability on the MIC. “They Don’t Want War” remix with A-Team is good old fashion hardcore pitch from the block music. Ransom always impresses on the MIC too. “Yap That Fool” with St. Laz got me in that 1995 vibe on some MOP type shit, especially with that hook. Of course you got your gun play, “Tucking The Glock” and your fly/flashy shit which is probably my favorite track on the CD; “I’m Riding”. Best overall track to me hands down- That’s from the rhyme to the hook to the beat to the laid back flow. “Hang On” was a close second for my favorite shit. Like I said the up tempo shit with Montega is where it’s at and Brick Saavy and Dan Duece were perfect features. The sleeper track of the CD is “Mr. 401K”. That beat is ill with just straight raw rhyming.

On the DJ side of things, DJ Wits really really did his thing. It’s the small things people, like some minor cuts just bringing the track back even once makes you feel like you’re about to hear some shit. Wits blending transitions as well coming with that proper and classic mixtape vibe, you can’t beat that man. Plus Wits got a presence on the MIC, I need to hear some more of his tapes, check him out a

As for Montega he’s stepped up his overall game. He more than gives Geolani a run for his money with that street shit. It’s a constant grind man, it don’t stop when you’re an MC coming up. I think MCs need to constantly challenge themselves to get better, if not it’s like running in place. I’m really on that shit now where MCs need to be believable. Montega has some lines about luxury cars and money and shit and he could very well be getting it like that, you never know and I’m not saying I don’t believe him but its part of the norm now MC wise to floss on some biggie size type shit. I think that’s why an MC like Ransom from the A-Team stands out. You really never hear him get extra with material shit and I think MCs could borrow from that. I could tell you right now I’m bout to bounce in the ’06 pearl white S600 Benz to go have dinner at my baby moms while I’m iced out from head to toe but the truth is I’m hopin’ in my silver 2000 Mazda 626 in some cut off sweats with a polo shirt and house slippers on (with white socks). What would you rather hear, the shit that sounds to good to be true….or the truth? The game is changing people.