DJ Wiz Kid & Eastwood – Loyalty Or Nuthin Mixtape

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Honestly I haven’t heard too much from Eastwood. Dude is def lyrical but because of some bad music deals the talent doesn’t get exposed. Leave it to Wiz Kid to come through with that shine and make a left turn while everyone else doing mixtapes goes right…aka new Lil Wayne mixtapes.

I was diggin’ the energy on “Dime Brizzles” man, that hook was crazy! One thing I can say about Eastwood is the flow is liquid west coast to the core. That “Exclusive” joint was the one track I had on rewind for a minute. That beat is something to behold man. “So High” and “Why I’m Hot” were cool but with those beats shit sounds dated. Eastwood did his thing and I can def appreciate the mixtape music but the known beats needed an upgrade. “Chrome On The Wheels” got Eastwood with a lil Too Shot in the flow…I can dig it tho on that Cadillac shit. No if we talking proper mixtape beats then we’re def talking about “West Coast Is Back” and “L.A. Roll Up”..with that cocain white T flow. “The Truth” is that versatility I was looking for, Eastwood letting you into his world a lil bit and giving you something to relate to. If there was one mistep on here it was “Come Smoke With me”…I would never ever ever ever have an MC rhyme over a Pretty Ricky track and Buttaphly on the hook was clock radio speaker weakness. “Bay 2 LA” was all redemption tho…Eastwood and E40 def compliment each other on this one.

Like I said above Eastwood got bars and a unique sound. I don’t know why his business end isn’t really together but the potential is and always was there for big things. I’d like to see dude get his just due. Props to Wiz Kid for doing what he do on the artist mixtape side of things. Lyrically Eastwood can give any MC a run for their money…get the right beat and it’s a wrap.