DJ Wiz Kid – I’m In Atlanta

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Wiz Kid is in the ATL and he brought Mannish Man and Young Capone along for the ride. Mannish Man got a hit with “Bitch Chill”. Its been out for a minute but that shit is catchy as hell. Young Capone did his thing with “What It Iz”; again catchy beat and effortless flow. Yola Da Great slides through cause if you’re making a mixtape about Atlanta you can’t leave him off.

Q Da Kid got some skill on the MIC, I can’t front. Bow Weezy on the other hand….basura, doo doo, poo poo, crap in a box, the sweat of my balls. Hahahaha I love Bow Weebie, Rocky Bow Wola; pop Bow Wow in any hood in ATL and he gets eaten alive. I don’t pop lock as much as I used to but “On Some Real Shit” got me itching to get my re-run on. Do I care if its a Nitti beat? Hell no and Young Capone on “Exclusive” (lol) didn’t move me one bit. On the low MacBoney is eating MCs alive. That cat got an intensity in his rhymes like no one I’ve heard in a minute. “Pussy Whop’d” got that slow roll vibe to it; track is mad basic tho. Daz flipped shit lovely on “Weekend”. I’m fucking with this track. I know the shit ain’t brand new but that beat got me feeling good. You gotta fuck with “Top Pushed Back”, that shit is an anthem for real. Not really in the winter tho, need to remix that shit on some “Top Pushed Forward…cause its cold as hell out here and bitch if you don’t like it you can walk.”

So now cats know…DJ Wiz Kid is in Atlanta. Keeping it real with ya’ll, I need some actual mixing in my mixtapes and that shit was lacking on here. I give Wiz Kid props cause he doing what he do, working hard and keeping it some what consistent. He def needs to put in that work if he’s gonna be going hard in the ATL. Competition is strong like bull and cats grind like trains in the night out there. Young Capone and Mannish Man are def MCs to look out for tho, lets see who steps up their game in the new year.