DJ Wiz Kid – The Bakery Mixtape

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Wat’s in the background yelling, “It’s time to make the donuts!” Wiz Kid is working the pot this time around in the bakery. The track list looks type decent, I think I’ll place an order; “Let me get an apple fritter and a whole cheese cake and while your back their cook me up a mixtape with some bangin’ ass tracks.” Stop kidding yourself, that cover is nice people, admit it already.

A lot DJs can’t or won’t jump their CDs off with relatively unknown MCs, but this is not your average bakery. Here we got Kayos who is def on point with the rhymes, there is no denying that but this star war’s sampled beat over shadowed Kayos wayyyyy tooooo much. “Direct Connect” is my joint, Hell Rell got next. I was diggin’ the Noxmen on their “bakery exclusive”. They still need some polish but the vibe of the track reminded me of this old group “Cream Team” (not the wu affiliates). Jay Wise on “Superstar” was a good listen, that beat is virgin tight. Did someone say Pottersfield? St. Laz? New Industry? Even though the levels were off on St.Laz’s joint (beat was too loud) the rhyme will stick you for your re-up. I fucks with Co Reed but he sounded lackadaisical on his “freestyle” but redeemed himself on “The American Dream”. That sample is one of my favorites; “The Look Of Love” by itself is an ill ass track. Frankie Krutches is def slept on man. “Blow Up” will def get your head nodding. The sleeper track of the whole CD is Haze on “The Gift”. I love the way dude flipped that rock sample.

Up and coming MCs take note. Regardless of how hot you think your tracks are you need to get the listeners attention. Hence the dope cover. Catch a person’s eye and as long as your hottest shit is in the beginning of the CD you got a good chance of adding a new fan. People can talk all that “cover don’t matter” shit but from a marketing stand point and just an overall business stand point you want to have the best sounding and best LOOKING product out to compete with the rest of the MCs in the game. Wiz Kid does his thing and Watsman aka Wats aka “Time To Make The Donuts” is on to a good thing. Some DJs claim to be an A&R to the streets and some DJs actually are, Wats and Wiz Kid stand up.