DJ Wristpect – Bridging The Gap 4: T.O. to V.A.

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Shout to DJs who really DJ. Clubs, on ya mixtapes, whatever. I’m saying that shit really is a lost art right now. So if you a real DJ and you showing ya skills and/or actually mixing, hit me up. That’s what DJ Wristpect did. Gotta get real DJs getting some shine again, it’s a must.

I don’t know how many of the Bridging The Gap series we’ve reviewed but this is the latest. Wristpect got the Clipse on this one. Perfect time for some quality cocaine rap too. I never really fucked with that white back in the day, an O here or there but I love me some hustle off the beep music.

Some new Clipse shit on here and some Clipse classics too. I had “Virginia” on rewind, hadn’t hear that joint in a minute. “Champion” is off that latest album. The hook grew on me, I’m fucking with that bounce. Tona on “Ghetto Revelation” got bars. I’m still trying to figure out how he slid “Devils Pie” and Timbaland and McGoo’s “All Yall” into the mix and the vibe stayed on point. Had to rewind “Ride Around Shinning” too, damn that’s a slept on anthem. Adam Bomb got the alliteration working overtime on “Survivor Series”…that beat helped. Richie Sosa slid in an exclusive with “’96 Shit”. That joint was straight spoon over the candle music. I liked what Mayhem Morearty had to say on “A New Day”. Preach brother, let the people know whats real.

I love mixtapes like this for the simple fact cats can’t or don’t do it like this anymore. Wristpect did it all with this one. The Clipse got promotion for their new album, underground MCs got their shine while giving Wristpect some exclusive shit just for this project, Wristpect got his mix/skillz on and everyone involved won. It’s not rocket science, it’s just work and we need more of this for twenty ten.