DJ Wristpect – Bridging The Gap Vol. 2 : Toronto To Chicago

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Welcome DJ Wristpect to the review section. I’m def diggin’ the fact DJs are continuing to really developing some dope mixtape concepts. This is Vol. 2 of “Bridgin The Gap”. Vol. 1 was Toronto to NYC hosted by Grafh and this time out Wristpect is building that bridge to the Chi with Naledge hosting. We are def going to get into the formula of the mixtape some more, the skills ect but to be honest this project right here is what mixtapes are truely all about…broken down to the very last compound.

I don’t know how many of ya’ll heard “Go Ill” by Kidz In The Hall but the shit is literally “ill”. I can def relate to the music man, cats just lyrically putting it all on the line…I like that shit. One thing you will notice about this project is that damn near every artist that gets a track played up on here intros their joints and that’s one aspect where DJ Wristpect is setting himself apart from the mixtape pack. Its all about the relationship with the artist who in turn blesses you with the music and supports what the DJ is trying to do…that mutual give and take type thing. I’ve been fucking with Rashid Hadee from Chapter 13 for a minute now. I don’t get to hear that much new music these days out the camp but cats like Mr Hadee don’t come around too often with not only the bars but hitting the beats too. The conversational flow is the shit on “Surrender”, dude got like a real mellow intensity on the MIC. Naledge hit you with that rewind track with “Clothes, Hoes, and Liquor”. I’m telling you people longevity in hip hop is all about relating to the artist and Naledge stays building his fan base. Rich London with “Magazine Memories” was some slick shit; same can be said for Promise with “Listen”. The project def had it’s share of sleeper MCs. Daetona on that “Two Worlds Freestyle” was flipping words like crazy keeping that flow consistent. Miles Jones flipped some smooth shit with “Good Morning Sunsine”…def some feel good music for the soul.

You know how with some “pause” tapes after you listen front to back one time you get a vibe like you might actually be dumber or you just killed some brain cells off the ignorance. I’m all for ignorance, it’s entertaining when done right by those who were built to make that type of music and it adds balance. I’m not gonna say I was smarter after listening to this mixtape a few times back to back but I was in a hell of good mood and quite introspective after the fact. Add to the fact that DJ Wristpect is actually mixing and you got one hell of mixtape.