Don Notz – Heir To The Throne 3 & Belly Of The Beast

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Pop-Off Productions is back at it again and shout to Don Notz for actually mixing these joints too. I’m doing two reviews in one this time so fuck it. Heirs to the Throne pretty much speaks for itself and the Prodigy joint just compliments it perfectly as well as the HNIC 2 album dropping on the today, I believe. I don’t know about you, but I’m actually going to BUY the Prodigy album. It’s like cats are broke now and think music is free. No C4 group rips for me…you cheap bastards!

Let’s see…Heir to the Throne Vol. 3. Joell Ortiz, Sky Zoo, Stimuli, Maino, St Laz, Un Pacino, Sic Osyrus and Geolani. What else you want me to say!! I know that if you can’t fuck with Joell’s “Ups And Downs” I need to tie a bag a rats on your head for being a bitch ass. What more do you want in a pure hip hop song? “Rock On” is raw rap at its finest…you can’t front on Stimuli’s MIC skills. Skyzoo…sheeeeeeeet; one listen to “Love Of the Game” and you know you’re listening to a lengend in the making. “Cop N Go” got three heavy weights burning bars, the two previously mentioned along with Maino. Maino’s that cat who be spittin’ explosives on a track. Cats still don’t give St Laz his credit, regardless of percieved actions dude has raised his profile notchs over the last couple years…and he held his own with the borrowed Wayne verse on “Money Get It”. If it’s one MC that consistently lays verses to rest it’s Un Pacino. “4/20” is that anthem. On some true school mixtape flip music you got Sic Osyrus with “I Got It Made”…he owned this beat. Somewhere Special Ed is ready to sign over the royalties for that track to dude.

That intro for the Belly of the Beast is dope, Don Notz on the cuts type lovely. “Young Vets” got the ill hook, I can bump this all day like a fiend. Same for “ABC”…P keeping the block hot with this shit. My favorite shit on here is “Priorities”…some of those bars were borrowed off this old Whoo Kid freestyle/track he did back from like 2000…”till I pop up on your scene like jack-in-the-box”…classic. I can still bump “Hold You Down” too. Illa Ghee lyrically crushed coke on that shit too. If there’s on joint on here that will make you want to shank someone for the hell of it, it’s “Killa Queens”. Big Noyd sound checked a bazooka on this beat. I could say the same for P’s verse on “Live Ni99a Rap”.

For an east coast, lyrical fiend like myself these two projects are the shit and been in heavy rotation in the Tahoe. That Prodigy joint had me reminiscing. If I wasn’t “retired” from the extra curricular activites this would be the perfect theme music while making those rounds, not to mention running up on out of town lames…ahhh the memories.