Drake – Heartbreak Drake The Mixtape

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Shouts to DJ Ill Will and DJ Rampage holding down this project. Notice I didn’t shout out DJ Rockstar. Probably cause he has one of the most annoying drops know to man. Lol…seriously tho. I never heard of Drake till DJ Ill Will emailed me and let me know he was Interscope’s latest signee. He’s not half bad either in spite of the Lil Wayne co-sign.

Drake is on the smooth casual conversational flow type shit. It bumps with joints like “Say What’s Real” as Drake breaks down studio gangstas ect. Not one of Kanye’s best beats but it works. Trey Songz slides thru on “Can’t Stop Missing You” and “Pop Rose'”. The later being a weak mixtape flip of Ron Browz’s hit. The best joint to me was “Replacement Girl”. Def fuck with that sped up flow and it shows Drake actually has some MIC skills. Trey Songz smooths out the hook on some pimp shit. Pretty much the whole formula throughout. “Come Real” might be the hit tho or atleast the most mass appeal/radio friendly type of shit. I don’t give Lil Wayne burn so those features are a moot point with me. Wayne can eat elephant dick as far as I’m concerned. We’ll ride out with the Robin Thicke assisted “Teach u A Lesson”, shit was short but you can hear that it will be a dope track.

Will I be checking for Drake in the future? Probably not. He’s not really what I listen too. Plus they (Interscope) will be marketing him towards the young female fan base on some reality tv shit. You know, that 2009 bullshit demographic. Regardless, he’s got talent and Ill Will and Rampage hold it down mixtape wise.