Dramills – We Know Drama

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Drama can be a good thing for an MC. It has the ability to make the bars even that much stronger. Dramills has been consistent with the music and mixtapes for years now, and he’s one of a few MCs to ever be featured on Dirty Harry mixtapes. Harry doesn’t co-sign wackness either. DJ On Point is hosting and keeping shit moving. He’s another DJ who stays putting in work on the artist side of things, props to that man.

You know why I fuck with Dramills music. He’s got that vibe in every track where he spits some real life shit, he may not be hustling, cooking pies any more (maybe he is, lol) and all that but if you fuck with him wrong he will fuck you up. That’s some shit I can relate to and that’s why I bump his music. I love what he’s saying in “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and he’s got some of the craziest bars of the whole 2008. “The pain I obtain is similar to a strain of a Martin Luther King on the balcony laying slain”…damn. Then he flips it on some “My ni99as not ballin’, we club semi-annual, and never made songs for bitch ni99as to dance too”. Ahhh man, that’s some real shit. That people is how you own another artist beat on some mixtape shit. Dramills got anthems too. “One False Move” is that stab your brain with your nose bone music. Montega slides thru on “Get The Money”. Shit has the bounce to it but the bars are all high caliber flow. Dramills owns “Cold World” and “Blow My Mind” too. Classic mixtape music all around. The sleeper track is “That Dude”, preach Dramills preach!

This is that hood theme music people. That shit you listen to while you lace up the Timbs and throw some crack rocks in your socks. That shit you listen to when you about to go “see” someone about some money. That shit you listen too when you catch your lumps while going through life. Dramills not only know’s drama, he knows real life.