Dre Robinson – Heart of the Streets

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Welcome Dre Robinson to the Rapmullet review section. Just so cats is clear the CD is hosted by DJ Radio and mixed by Nelly Protols…gotta let the DJs that credit too. For those that don’t know Dre Robinson has been shinning for a minute out in Boston. Cats getting spins with Gee Spin on Jamn 94.5, I’m sure he got blasted off on the Launch Pad although I don’t know if they still do that shit. The Buzz on Dre Robinson has been and is still real heavy; he’s continuing to build that fan base while he prepares that debut album on Polly More Music Group. (www.pollymoremusic.com)

What’s crazy about “This Is That (Oh My God)” is that once you hear it you know without a fraction of a doubt that Dre Robinson is a verbal weapon. It makes it a hard act to follow in my eyes because the track had it all: punch lines, energy, delivery, proper diction, and that classic Boston “I will beat the shit out of you” style…classic do dirt theme music. You could even say the same shit about “Run For Cover”, that shit got Dre sounding borderline angry but he’s def a focused MC. “Game Over” is that mixtape music I’m always looking for, to bad Mr. Robinson out shined everyone on that freestyle with ease batting clean-up. I know people are giving cats a hard time about reaching outside their region, especially to the south, but “Grain Grippa (remix)” was type fly. Shout to Cory Mo on the beat too. “Ghetto Mistress” with Remy Ma got a thick ass guitar sample in the beat. Mr. Robinson showing a lil versatility on here as well although that hook needed some work. Always good to see Murda Mass MCs working with each other, “Damage Is Done” got Ed Rock and Dre Robinson trading verses…this is that feel good music just like Radio said on the ad libs. Mad collaboration tracks at the end of the project. Colabo’s are cool but I would have liked to hear Mr. Robinson go solo with some more introspective material, give the people that music they can relate to.

The sorry state of the major label business model is a welcome thing for indie artist like Dre Robinson. It should be interesting to see how his label handles the debut album; what avenues they choose to use to promote and get his music to the masses. He’s been on the right path so far, building that fan base consistently over the years, doing quality shows ect. The money is still out there you just gotta give the consumer a reason to spend it. With all the talent out in Boston and the surrounding areas and the shift in the music industry for Hip Hop it’s only a matter of time before the curse of the Boston MC is broken.