Drop A Dime with Dimez…Top 10 Reasons For “Yooker” Love

Top 10 Reasons For “Yooker” Love

First, I have to explain the word “yooker” to some of you who haven’t always frequented the Mullet. A “yooker” is like being bi-racial. Its a cross between two different types. The “Y” in “yooker” stands for young. “Ooker”, the second part of the word is derived from the present term for street walker, bitch on the stroll or call girl. I’ve simply replaced the “h” with a “y”, but for those of you who are slow, “yooker” is a variation on the term “hooker”.

1. “Y” stands for young, but I’ll rock with an old bitch in a Harlem minute

2. Yookers usually have their outfit game up to par. They’re too lazy to work, so they have to keep dudes on deck

3. I like a freaky bitch and “yookers” have to have special talents in the sack, cause that’s how they get their bread

4. Some of you dudes may have had a bitch tea bag you, but only a yooker knows the ancient technique of “butter baggin”. That’s when a yooker dips your sack in peanut butter and licks your bollos like a pitbull with Jiffy in the roof of its mouth

5. You don’t pay a yooker for her time. You pay them to beat a path when the deed is done

6. Down South the “peanut butter n jelly” might be how your ride looks, but in “yooker land”, peanut butter is only for “butter baggin” and jelly is strictly for the “jelly roll”. She plops that jelly on your ass and commence to roll her tongue across your buttock like a belly dancer

7. Yookers are good for all occasions. Sophisticated enough to bring to an event and hood enough to go get a your boy a loosey and a deuce deuce Budweiser

8. This might be one of my favorites. Yookers run in packs like wolves so if you know one, you have the opportunity to hit them all

9. If your girl knows a yooker, she’s probably a former yooker and those other bitches just didn’t transform yet or meet a simp like your ass

10. All yookers want to be in the movies and I have a new industrial video camera, not to mention, those my peoples at You Porn