Drop A Dime with DJ Green Lantern

Favorite Mixtapes I Made–by Dj Green Lantern ….

10. Uncle Murda “2 Hard for Hip hop” (some of the rawest street stories ever..east new yaaaaw..broooklyn!! “1, 2, Murdas comin for you”..I listen to that too much still..family fun) summer 2006

9. “Shady Invasion Pt 2” (it felt like the whole world was watching Shady/Aftermath at this point…Battle raps for that ass!!…and “2 Gunz up” premiered on this..cuz I made it, in-case u forgot..lol) March 2003

8. Jada “The Champ is Here” ( this didn’t promote the album..this WAS the album…another hood classic..Big Mike whatup!!) May 2004

7. Beanie Sigel “Public Enemy #1” (memories of Beans’ dudes passed out on his basement floor after too much lean while recording this…street classic..almost too many songs on this tho) Aug 2004

6. Nas “The N**ger Tape” (Esco Let’s Go…never even met dude before this..now we’re on tour…go figure) June 2008

5. “Alive on Arrival” (I crawled up out of that grave…the rebirth…see “Shotgun Season”..nuff said) winter 2006

4. “Rap Phenomenon pt 2” (Shout to Harry and Vlad..we made history!! The benchmark for 2Pac remix projects. ) Sept 13 ,2003(or 2004).I can’t remember,.too much of that Greenery.lol

3. Cornerstone Best of Two-Way Thousand.. (I made beats and remixes with the sounds of the motorola 2way…that was illy…also “Bombs over Baghdad” with a crazy chop of the original “Cold as ice” from Foreigner) Dec 2000..I don’t have this anymore and need it!! If u send it, I’ll send u mad acapellas son..word

2. “Its Just Us and The Gunz” (the one I can never live up to again..lol ..at least for a few mixtape heads…that damn intro too…btw, ALL the freestyles were done over different beats and I switched them after the fact) Spring 1999 (I think… )

1. “New World Order pt 2″ ( just my personal favorite song wise..”Welcome to NYC Rmx” with Jay and Cam over Isaac Hayes “the look of love”…that actually got some radio play too) June 2002

Bonus Beats
“In the Lab ” Vol 1…probably the most intricate use of acapellas I ever did..it was pretty much ALL mixes…I had a segment on Hot 97 called “Greenlantern’s Mix of the Week” and I put all of them on 1 cd…for the people dem..2004

“Yes We Can”feat. Barack Obama and Russell Simmons (the inspiration to do something positive,also the only cd I let my kids hear…now to be referred to as “Yes We Did” ) Oct 2008

Joe B | December 8, 2008 11:40 PM | Reply

this is dope. Alive On Arrival is my shit

1mic | December 12, 2008 7:55 PM | Reply

lol it is difficult to live up to a tape like just us and the gunz where all the music turned classic, along with the mixtape, thats a timeless piece… ten years from now, that mixtape will still be hot

thats what its all about

Knuttboy | December 21, 2008 4:16 AM | Reply

Rap Phenomenon, what more can I say. The trio of the very best collab on a mix that won awards and did justice in a sea of 2Pac mixes at the time. No words to say how nice this was (and continues to!). Big ups to Vlad, Harry and Green….Can this trio do another to another G.O.A.T?