DrugCzar – Blend Crazy Vol. 2

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Who ever sent this dudes mixtape in for review must not like him. I have to laugh man cause listening to this joint is like watching your grandparents in a porno. Not only that dude named himself after the guy in Washington who fight’s the war on drugs. You might as well call yourself Senator Smith or Congressman Brown. After hearing dudes voice on the intro he’s the farthest thing from a Czar of anything…well maybe Czar of his local Domino’s Pizza franchise. Can I get a weak ass blend mixape with half extra cheese and half corny shit? Thanks.

I have a question. Now I know there are some quality mixtape DJs in Upstate NY but why does it seem like some cats think they can be blend DJs? I was having DJ Finch flashbacks. You would think cats at some point could at least figure out a four bar count and learn to match the vocals in the same manner but no…cats are on the computer trying to match up BPMs and wave lengths. Then they have the nerve to call themselves a “blend” “DJ”…so sad. You know when an unknown MC jumps a blend project off you’re in for a big pile of shit. Jay Z stayed chasing the beat used for “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”….just cause the peaks and valleys of the wave files matched up doesn’t mean it’s on beat cock sucker. Shit, I’m five blends in and I haven’t heard one joint on beat yet, couple were almost there but no cigar. Now if home boy was on some turntables he could learn to get shit back on point but the computer isn’t gonna do it for you like that. “Blow Ya Mind’ is one of my favorite tracks of 2007 but the DrugCzar blend of that joint was like taking a bath in cat shit and motor oil. I’ll put it to you like this…he dropped the beat on the 3 instead of the four and what ensued was a train wreck of epic proportions. The fact dude is “trying” to blend Ice Cube’s “We Be Clubbin'” is a sign in and of it self. That shit wasn’t even that hot when it dropped in the 90’s….his acapella’s must be limited. The shit that really pissed me off was his butcher job of “C.R.E.A.M”. That’s like every novices first joint they try to blend but this shit sounded like dude just hopped out the womb. “The combination mad my eye’s bleed”….nah man my ears were bleeding.

You would think my advice for dude would be to retire, quite ect. But naw. Shank yourself with a rusty screwdriver and after you heal….practice….on some real turntables and learn the craft properly. Shut the computer off and just practice and when your shit is on point then jump in the game. Until then your just a scorching case of herpe’s on the mixtape game.