Dula-Mite – The Certified King Of Las Vegas Vol. 1

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I can’t remember ever getting a mixtape from an artist out of Vegas. I didn’t know they even had a movement out there on some hip hop shit but at this point I guess we should assume there is a hip hop movement in every city, town and even in east jock strap (insert towns name here). You gotta figure tho being in Vegas should give you hell of material to write about. On that note, DJ Ophax and DJ Pimp are the DJs on here…don’t know if their mixing or hosting but there on the cover none the less.

“King Ding-a-ling” is not the track I would have used to set the project off. No lie, with bars like “I sleep with a condom on”…nahh man, then cats want to know why A&Rs; and shit don’t fuck with their project. I’m not saying the track is horrible but it wouldn’t have hurt for this to be track 13..ya dig. See then he follows it up with a diss track to Bow Wow. Come on man there are kids in middle school who could take out Bow Wow both on the MIC and physically. Truth be told that was a waste of dope beat that could have been flipped with a nice heartfelt concept. I don’t know why I’m still listening honestly. “Mac Down” should have jumped the CD off without question. After listening to it tho, I know why he didn’t use it as the jump off…the featured MCs, P. L. & Oun-P, outshined him on the MIC. Especially Oun-P…dude rode the beat like he was born to do it and his delivery was more polished. “Shawty” is the obvious cross over attempt…acoustic guitar and all. I like how they threw Jay Z on the hook but with bars like …”I’m the type to spread your legs for a midnight night snack” it’s evident this needs a remix; maybe Oun-P can show dude how to flip the track properly. “Clap Ya Hands” was weak too….”disappear nigga / al-a-kazam / are you the king of Las Vegas? God damn it I am.” Lol he said al-a-kazam. That’s it for me man…it’s a wrap.

Over all DJ Ophax and DJ Pimp held shit together well, the interludes were cool; not sure how they tied into the “theme” of the mixtape but comedy nonetheless. As for Dula-Mite, not diggin’ this dudes voice or overall MIC game at all. He doubles up his vocals, which annoyed the shit outta me cause it’s as if he recognizes his voice is weak but that shit did not cover it up. He lacks direction on here as well; too many tracks with corny bars trying to appeal to the females and not a strong enough voice to be believable as a cat that could beat the block. He is not the worst rapper I have heard but he is def not the best either.