Ecks – The Teacha’s Advocate Vol. 1

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Welcome Ecks to the Rapmullet review section. Lyrics are making a come back on the low this year…not in the mainstream tho. The powers that be don’t want you to hear music that is uplifting, that challenges the system, and might actually inspire people. Its like what Nas said to Jay in “Ether”…”you sold your soul for riches”. That’s Hip Hop right now, souless and paid. Lets see what’s good with Ecks.

I see now, this is sort of like a best of Ecks mixtape. The thing that shines brightest to me with Ecks is the raw energy on tracks like “Bang”. Dude sounds like he’s about to bust a vein in his head he’s so focused on the MIC. The flow on here is a nice way to set the tone for the mixtape. Damn, maybe the word play is shinning brightest tho. “Brutal Music” is honest and the words were def being flipped. Ecks said and I quote: “my lifes a mess like I shit myself.” Don’t even get me stated on the vocal sample used in the hook; that shit was genius. I like the hook for “Water To A Whale” but this joint has to be dated a lil cause Ecks flow got a lil to much Jay Z in it. “Ski Mask Music” is that hard white tho. Like I said above the energy on this track is contagious. Ecks is def a master of getting his vibe in the booth across in the music. I was def diggin’ the conversational flow in “Do You Believe”. Kind of a minimal beat, but the shit worked. With all the above already said it brings us to “Game Won’t Wait”. I think this was one of the first tracks I heard from Ecks and the hook gets me every time; that’s raw emotion right there people.

Ecks is a balanced MC. He rides the fence well between the block and the conscious side of things; def a message in the music but entertaining enough to hold your ear. As with damn near every MC with the right production the skys the limit. I said in another artist review that the new movemnt is that “Boule Music”, Ecks is def contributing to that and adding his own flavor to it. To sound cliche’…at the end of the day the music speaks for itself and the inspiration is undeniable.