Eddie Deville – Ride On Our Enemies

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Everybody welcome Eddie Deville to the Rapmullet.com review section. I heard of Mr. Deville before but had yet to hear a mixtape so needless to say I was a little amped up with this release. Anytime a DJ is getting creative with blends and remixes I wanna hear it. I fiend out when it comes to reviews man. I could have 15 CDs sitting on my desk and I could even start listening to another “exclusive” CD and if I know I got a blend joint in the pile I always switch it up. Never fails too.

This is the type of project I like to see. Peep the title “Ride On Our Enemies”. Mr. Deville conjures up a crazy ass vibe and literally “rides” it from beginning to end. “Smile” with UGK is what sets that tone. I never heard “The Other Day” with Cham and Paul Wall so I couldn’t tell you if it was a blend or not, but the shit is tight. Tupac over “Window Shopper” into BG on the same beat was my favorite part of the CD hands down. I was “riding” lovely over this part of the CD. Same thing with Tupac on “Baltimore Static”, straight fast lane on the highway music. Ill Tatics got skills to be sounded like six artist man. The Fabo part had me rolling: “I got a tooth ache/ and hurts so haarrd/ I went to the dentist but she stole my credit card”. The “Swangin” remix with Fat Pat, Hawk, 2 Pac, Jeezy and Slim Thug was the mutha fuckin’ wheel. Great way to end the CD.

This was a great listen, real smooth and laid back on some true school rider music. Eddie Deville is another DJ I’m gonna be checking for from now on. He lets the skills breathe a little and the transitions were classic, blending the blends into each other. Even though 2 Pac has been done to death on mixtapes he made it a good listen and he stayed to his “theme” of the mixtape to T. Check Mr. Deville out over at www.myspace.com/eddiedeville.