El Prez – Prez-a-nomics : Supply the Demand

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Inglewood is in the building. Man, I’ve had this project for a minute. No lie, I checked the “artist” folder for mixtapes that were sent in for download…35. Yea man 35. You know what I did? I deleted some (sorry people) then proceeded to remove the email from the Rapmullet contact page. If you’re an artist and I’ve never heard of you, send in that hard copy…it’s the only way that reviews coming. Regardless of my review woe’s, El Prez is from out west, he’s got MIC skillz and this is his new (old now) project.

El Prez def supplied the demand. He pushed that quality lyrical content over some knocking production throughout. He’s slick with the bars, I’m rewinding shit and he’s got little hidden positive and uplifting messages in there. It’s complex and it’s refreshing to hear. Cats are serious as hell with the craft. That west movement is real strong people. I could say “don’t sleep” but I’d rather say WAKE UP!

I was on the fence with the tape rating, no lie. I mean Sic-Osyrus is a street certified MC without questions. The intensity on the MIc is unmatched right now. Cats had a nice balance of original joints and mixtape flips too. Thing is I think they can still put out a better overall project and his best music is still ahead of him.