Element – Great Expectations

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I know what to expect from Custom Made musically but after one listen to Element on this project one word comes to mind…POWERFUL. Powerful lyrics, powerful voice, powerful presence on the MIC. Element brings all that to the table on this project. I don’t think I’ve heard a more focused MC this year so far. He has this borderline angry vibe going on but he’s def not angry, he’s empowered to get his voice heard by any means necessary.

“Club Epidemic” is my shit! I had this on the Rapmullet Ipod a couple weeks ago. Element broke down the ills of the club scene to perfection. “It’s a thin line between crime and being on your grind”…oh shit. Element dropping jewels on “The Dark Knight”. I was diggin’ the signing in the beginning but the beat kind of laged to me. The flow on “The Element Project” will bend steel; Element is focused man. Words were flipped like crabby patties at the Krusty Krab on “Devour the Game”. And I quote: “I need a skull and cross bones tat’d on my back to symbolize the entrapment of havoc when I rap.” Ahhh man I need to throw this into heavy rotation. “My round table is now fatal this styles able to snipe angels and take ’em down for the round halo”….get the fuck outta here, that shit is potent people. Tell me that shit isn’t powerful. The hook of the year so far has got to be off “I Am”. Peep it…”I am man, suff-er-ing, must o-ccur, for me to win, we are one, we will strive, we live now, we will rise, I will never, give up ever, listen to my voice and listen to the song, tell me what I can’t do and I can prove you wrong”. Like I said people…poweful. “Lay ‘Em Down” has the crazy sample flip man. I wasn’t really fucking with the hook like that but Element consistently devours the bars.

Its funny to me man that there can be such good music out there that the masses sleep on. Element lyrically is right there near the top of the food chain. He brings a smart, introspective ideal of what’s real to the table with no filler and delivers it as raw as possible. A lot of times cats have the bars but they don’t have the production to match and that’s where the “street certified” rating comes into play here. Element knows his sound, knows what he wants to say and how he want’s people to hear the message…that shit is rare man…fo real. If you’re a lyrically cat and can sit down and really peep what Element has to say you will hear exactly what I heard.