Elohim Marino – 20 Days of Rehab

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What the fuck are you cats listening to? I mean seriously. All these dope MCs out here and you tapin’ you vein waiting for a new eminem track to leak. Fuck that, ya’ll a buch of turd burgling phony hip hop fans. I am Big Chew champion of dope ass NEW music and ya’ll need to get up on Elohim Marino’s music right about now.

The EP returns people. If you’re an artist and you don’t have and EP warming up the net or the street you fucked up in the game. Don’t give me 30 tracks with 3/4 of that shit filler. Give me the 10 best joints right now and put your shit on the line. That’s what Elohim Marino does. Listen to “No Justice”, soak it in, rub it on ya head like shampoo and hope some knowledge soaks into ya brain. Fuck it just bump the hook and tell me that ain’t real life. “Treat Me Bad” is that soul ya’ll lacking right now. Peep the word play, the smooth flow, the punch lines…he giving ya’ll everything in one track. Not only that he giving ya’ll lesson off current events while dissecting the past. Dude is deep and ya’ll still Zzzzzzzz. I’m two tracks in and I could wrap this review up. Beat Juggernaut laced “Aliens” people. That joint crawls right through your ears. “Mad World” is a must rewind. Once you can break down what he’s saying that hook mesmerizes you and you got no choice but to rewind. You already heard “In The End”. Shit is on repeat as you log onto Rapmullet. Yea man…deep.

I implore you to download this joint. Shit it’s 30 minutes man, that’s nothing but the fact he drops more potent lyrics than 5 artist mixtapes combined. Maybe cause I’m a grown ass man, with a child, mad responsibilities, living in the real world I just relate to him music. I mean I’m all for having fun, the party music but you must have balance and this is it. You need cat like Elohim Marino to make you think while appreciating the MIC skills.